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News Article #1

"No place like home when acting slows," says Adam
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Adam Tuominen Adam Tuominen reckons there's no better place to be unemployed than Adelaide.

The actor who previously spent time in New Zealand, starring as Crimson Thunder in the Power Rangers series Thunder Rangers has been back in Adelaide for a year.

And while he has appeared in an episode of McLeod's Daughters, which is due to be screened early this year, it's been tough going for the young actor who previously enjoyed guest roles in Always Greener and Young Lions.

"Sydney's just so expensive - everything you do over there is about living, getting enough work to pay the rent, pay the bills," he says. "It's so much easier in Adelaide, (I've) got friends and family here.

And there's always a free meal on offer from Mum when things get a little tight.

"Exactly," he laughs.

But his prospects are looking up.

He's about to start rehearsals for the play School for Scandal which will appear at the Rep Theatre and he's also hopeful that the McLeod's gang may write his character back in. "He lives locally, so there is a chance," he says.

Adam originally moved to Sydney as an 18-year-old to study at NIDA - he was the only South Australian accepted that year. "NIDA opens a lot of doors for you," he says.

But it's his own doors he's hoping to utilize next year.

Adam's planning to hit LA next year for the pilot season (nothing to do with aeroplanes - apparently it's when they try out a bunch of new shows and new actors), pulling in a few favours from contacts he met during the filming of Thunder Rangers.

"You've got to give it a go," he says, "otherwise you'll never know what could have happened.