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Biographic Information
(below paragraph courtesy of ABC Medianet)

Birthdate: January 22, 1980
Hometown: Adelaide, Australia

As a child, Adam Tuominen recalls playing "Power Rangers" at home with his twin brother. Now, he gets to play one on television, as "Hunter" / "Crimson Thunder", the darker half of the Thunder Ranger duo.

Tuominen was recently seen on the popular Australian television series "Always Greener" and on the crime drama "Young Lions". Prior to joining "Power Rangers Ninja Storm", he completed a television pilot entitled "Temptation" with well-known Australian actor Colin Friels.

Originally from Adelaide, South Australia, Tuominen studied drama at St. Peter's Collegiate, where he starred in productions including "Twelf Night" and "Waiting For Godot". In addition to acting, he studied directing at Adelaide's Flinders Drama Centre.

Having spent his college years playing Australian Rules football and five years training in martial arts, Tuominen is well prepared for his physically demanding role as a Thunder Ranger.

Tuominen is a 2001 graduate of the National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Sydney.