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The adventure continues! "Who I Am," Episode 60, is NOW AVAILABLE in "Specials"!
''Who I Am'' Synopsis
About "Power Rangers Beastmaster Legends"
Authored: Earliest files date back to March 2001
Current Progress:
Episodes 1-7: 2001 | Episode 8: 2004 | Episodes 9-15: 2010 | Episodes 16-20: 2001
Episodes 21-26: 2004 | Movie 1: 2005 | Episodes 27-35: 2010 | Episodes 36-59B, 19-20R: 2011
V5 Movie: 2012 | Episode 60: 2012 | Series 3 (Episodes 60-??): TBD

Origin History:
Power Rangers Beastmaster Legends is the spinoff to my original fan-fiction work, Power Rangers Take To The Skies, which was hosted on GeoCities way back in 1998/1999. I started it on my own, and, eventually, started to co-write it with someone who'd go on to become one of my best friends. I would have kept it up (we had a fourth or fifth season in the works, but I lost it in a computer crash and couldn't recreate it), but things fell by the wayside.

Eventually, I had a brainstorm: Why not go back to where I left off, and spin it off into something new? So, being a huge fan of the Lost Galaxy season, I decided to explore the mythos that it had left behind. Whatever became of Mirinoi? Obviously, the series didn't care (things got shipped back to Earth very quickly), so here we are. I've been working on this - on-and-off - since 2001, and hadn't touched anything related to this since 2005. With no new Power Rangers coming to TV, I felt it was time to dust off my story and broaden its horizons.

Now, I've got plans to take it through a 50-some episode initial run (keeping it with the initial intent of PRLG happening in 2003 instead of the retconned 1999), mixing new installments with the old and telling a more cohesive story. You might notice some narrative changes throughout, and I'll apologize up front for any inconsistencies with the characters from one 'era' to the next. However, things should even out after the 'first movie,' because everything after that is brand-new.

Enjoy the show!
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Power Rangers Beastmaster Legends is ©2001-2012 BL Development Group and Project KSX. All rights reserved. Ownership of anything related to the Power Rangers franchise, or the Super Sentai parent franchise in Japan, is neither stated nor implied. This is strictly a fan-originated work of fiction, with the closest bearing in reality being some of the "Backstage Drama" events of Series 2 Part 2. Power Rangers is owned by Saban Brands and Toei Company Ltd.
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