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Allies of the Beastmaster Legends team
Meduron, a powerful wizard from the planet Laotia, established a command outpost in the jungles of Mirinoi, in which he would monitor the planet's surface for any signs of evil. He had brought with him three power crystals - the hawk, the lion, and the dolphin - and, upon seeing that evil had reared its ugly head once more, sent their Ranger spirits out to find three candidates worthy enough to fulfill the requirements that being Aniforce Rangers carried. They found worthiness in Devon, Trevor, and Karone.
Astra is Meduron's computer assistant, and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Aniforce Rangers. Among her duties is alerting Meduron when a new monster arrives on Mirinoi.
Friends of the Rangers, and various citizens of Reflection Bay
Reggie Colón
Reggie Colón
One of the students in Devon's advanced tennis class at the Reflection Bay Community Center, Reggie had practiced with Devon on the day that the Racquethead monster attacked. He has no knowledge that Devon is currently the Red Ranger, which leads to suspicion whenever Devon has to run off for an "emergency." Will Reggie become Reflection Bay's next champion tennis player, or will his future send him in another direction?
AJ Reynolds
AJ Reynolds
The more experienced dolphin trainer at Sea World of Mirinoi, AJ Reynolds was helping Karone with her debut as a dolphin trainer when the Guardian Angel monster attacked. He has a crush on Karone, but will he ever make an attempt to win her affections?
Larissa Morgan
Larissa Morgan
Larissa works as a ticket taker at Sea World of Mirinoi. Her connection to the Rangers is that her adoptive older sister, scientist Kendrix Morgan, was the Pink Ranger back in 2003 on board the Terra Venture space colony. Perky and fun-loving, Larissa secretly has a crush on AJ, but he's too busy fawning over Karone to notice her. Poor Larissa!
Clayton Marquette
Clayton Marquette
Clayton and his family were the largest supporters of the Terra Venture's mission to find a new world. The Marquettes donated $6.3million towards the construction, which they received from their prize in the Stone Canyon Lottery. Clayton first meets Larissa when his car breaks down outside Sea World of Mirinoi, and, when a monster interferes, it's love at first sight. After the spell is broken, are their feelings going to stick around?
Kevin Witt
Kevin Witt
Kevin, born and raised in Stone Canyon on Earth, is now a universally-known pop star. He has been making albums since he was the tender young age of 9. Now, at 17, the years of being treated like a superstar have gone to his head. He keeps his parents on his payroll as his management team. This tour, which was supposed to help him to meet his fans across the universe, gets sidetracked when Andromeda interferes. Will the fame continue to go to his head, or will he eventually come to his senses?
Marci van der Snoot
Marci is Kevin's no-nonsense personal assistant. She secretly maintains a weblog about Kevin's misdeeds, which is a smash success with both fans and non-fans of Kevin's music. She knows that Kevin has a huge ego - and has tried to curb it since she's known him - but he refuses to come back down. It seems that everything she does to help him shrink his ego has the opposite effect.
Megan Moore
Megan Moore
Megan is Devon's on-again/off-again girlfriend. She can be a bit of a flake, but, deep down, she really does love Devon. She was born in Stone Canyon, and was selected to come onboard the Terra Venture because of her family's contributions to the research and development of the space colony.
At one point, she was Andromeda, long-time member of the Constellation Kingdom. When she finally had enough of the Power Rangers, Andromeda went down to Reflection Bay to face them, one-on-one, until the end. She disguised herself, as Andi, and captured Devon while he was on a date with Megan. When the other Rangers showed up to save him, it was Karone who overpowered her. She used Andromeda's staff to purify her of the evil essence of Andromeda, leaving her to live her life as a normal human.