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Around Town: Hangouts and Landmarks in Reflection Bay
Reflection Bay - City Skyline
Reflection Bay (City Skyline)
Welcome to glamourous Reflection Bay! Constructed using the remains of the original Terra Venture City Dome as a foundation, Reflection Bay serves as a beacon for what other cities on Mirinoi will be modeled after. The Downtown area is home to various attractions seen throughout the series.
Reflection Bay Community/Rec Center
Reflection Bay Community/Recreation Center
This is where the Rangers frequently hang out. The Community Center has everything: a restaurant, tennis courts, a fitness center, and Internet access. Devon and Reggie frequently play tennis here, and you can usually catch the Rangers working out in the fitness area.
SeaWorld of Mirinoi
Sea World of Mirinoi
Mirinoi's first aquatic waterpark was inspired by the waterpark of the same name back on Earth. The Mirinoi branch greets visitors with its incredible stained-glass mosaic of a killer whale at the front gates, as well as featuring whales jumping through waves to greet visitors as they pull into the driveway. Karone and AJ work here as dolphin trainers, and Larissa is, for the most part, at the ticket window.
The Hut / Underground Outpost
The Hut / Underground Outpost
This otherwise-unassuming abandoned cabin in the jungle is what the Rangers enter to get to their headquarters, located safely beneath the surface. Regular citizens cannot see the hut - Karone never noticed it, and she'd been all over the planet - which adds to its security as a base of operations. Meduron and Astra monitor Reflection Bay from here.
Inside-Out Cafe
Inside-Out Cafe
The most popular restaurant in Reflection Bay, the Inside-Out Cafe is where the Rangers and their friends hang out and are employed. Early in the series, the Rangers would spend time here going over their previous monster encounters.