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Around Town: Hangouts and Landmarks in Reflection Bay - Existing from Series One
Reflection Bay - City Skyline
Reflection Bay (City Skyline)
Welcome to glamourous Reflection Bay! Constructed using the remains of the original Terra Venture City Dome as a foundation, Reflection Bay serves as a beacon for what other cities on Mirinoi will be modeled after. The Downtown area is home to various attractions seen throughout the series.
Reflection Bay Community/Rec Center
Reflection Bay Community/Recreation Center
This is where the Rangers frequently hang out. The Community Center has everything: a restaurant, tennis courts, a fitness center, and Internet access. Devon and Reggie frequently play tennis here, and you can usually catch the Rangers working out in the fitness area.
SeaWorld of Mirinoi
Sea World of Mirinoi
Mirinoi's first aquatic waterpark was inspired by the waterpark of the same name back on Earth. The Mirinoi branch greets visitors with its incredible stained-glass mosaic of a killer whale at the front gates, as well as featuring whales jumping through waves to greet visitors as they pull into the driveway. Karone and AJ work here as dolphin trainers, and Larissa is, for the most part, at the ticket window.
The Hut / Underground Outpost
The Hut / Underground Outpost
This otherwise-unassuming abandoned cabin in the jungle is what the Rangers enter to get to their headquarters, located safely beneath the surface. Regular citizens cannot see the hut - Karone never noticed it, and she'd been all over the planet - which adds to its security as a base of operations. Meduron and Astra monitor Reflection Bay from here.
Inside-Out Cafe
Inside-Out Cafe
The most popular restaurant in Reflection Bay, the Inside-Out Cafe is where the Rangers and their friends hang out and are employed. Early in the series, the Rangers would spend time here going over their previous monster encounters.

Around Town: Hangouts and Landmarks in Reflection Bay - New In Series Two
Neon Flamingo
Neon Flamingo (Interior)
Neon Flamingo
Seen in the beginning of Series Two, the Neon Flamingo is a new restaurant in Reflection Bay. There's a portion of the restaurant that's for dining, but there's also an area that's been set aside for gambling. Zhane and Karone's fallout happens over dinner here.
Devon's House
Devon's House - 5764 Kendrix Court
Devon lives here with his father, Aaron. He and Devon's mother, Alexis, divorced when Devon was one year old. His mom remarried shortly thereafter, with Christian being born a little over a year later. Aaron has to pay Alexis a decent amount of alimony every month, so they can't afford too much.
Robot Rangers' Warehouse
Robot Rangers' Warehouse
This old warehouse, located in the outskirts of Reflection Bay, is where Ashley brings Christian to hold him hostage. It was once an automotive dealership, which relocated when the building started to fall apart. In its condition, it's a perfect hiding place for the Robot Rangers.
Reflection Bay Galleria
Reflection Bay Galleria
The first mall in Reflection Bay, the Galleria has everything that you could ask for: clothing stores, jewelry stores, a petting zoo, a large food court, toy stores, video game stores... You name it, it's there. It's here that Karone and the guys overhear a little boy named Jesse asking his mother for a game system, her telling him that Santa would bring it, then wondering how he'd bring it with its hefty price tag. The three Rangers decide to be charitable and get it for them as an act of good faith.
Briefly mentioned in "Where Are You, Christmas?," this is a normal Kmart store, but on Mirinoi. AJ and Reggie headed there to pick up some wrapping paper. The logo, unlike the Earth-based branch, is based off of the 'lime green prototype' version. (Author's note: The "Kmart" in this picture is actually an old Circuit City location.)
Reggie's House, at the Holidays
Reggie's House, at the Holidays
This is Reggie's house, all done up for the holidays. Mentioned briefly in "Where Are You, Christmas?," it's revealed that his family goes to the extreme when it comes to decorating for Christmas and the other winter holidays. He also decorates the Zord cockpits in a similar manner to this. As he's been decorating for years, he's learned "to [do it] at lightspeed."
Christian's House
Christian's House - 85 Shadybrook Boulevard, Victory Ridge
This is where Christian's side of the family lives. Enrique purchased this house with his commercial success. He's not too keen on the material lifestyle, evidenced by his lack of a luxury truck.
Andi's Flower Shop
Andi's Flower Shop
This small flower shop in Downtown Reflection Bay is where Andi started to work when she was purified of the spirit of Andromeda in Series 1. Ryan joined her here after he was purified in Series 2, Part 2. This flower shop is the one that Kendrix was patronizing in "Reflection In A Broken Mirror" when she was attacked.