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The Rangers' Arsenal
Transformation Wand
Devon's Transformation Wand
Devon grabbed the transformation wand and looked at it. It was red with a star on top. In the middle of the star was an outline of a hawk encased in a red orb. He was reminded of an old anime series he used to watch. "This looks like something out of Sailor Moon," he commented.
Transformation Wand
Trevor's Transformation Wand
The figure returned to a yellow beam, and flew towards Trevor's wrist, taking the form of a morphing device. Trevor grabbed it, and looked at it strangely.

"A wand. Yippee. Just how do I turn this thing on?"
Transformation Wand
Karone's Transformation Wand
The spirit flew towards Karone, crashing into her. She let out a scream as a wave of blue light wrapped itself around her body, revealing a blue-colored costume. The helmet had a dolphin design to its structure, and there was a symbol of a dolphin on her chest. An Aniforce Blaster appeared in a holster on her right side.
Transformation Wand
Zhane's Transformation Wand
A purple-toned wand appeared in the air in front of Zhane. He reached for it. "What is this?"

"This is what you will use to summon me in battle," Alazar explained. "Transform using this new wand, and you will have limitless power!"
TerraNature Morpher
AJ's TerraNature Morpher
She demorphed, and a wrist-mounted morphing device formed on her wrist. She took it off and motioned towards AJ. "You will take over as the Black TerraNature Ranger. Your powers are drawn from the mighty Bison, and your battle vehicle is the Bison TerraZord."

A.J. walked over and accepted the morpher. Before he put it on, he looked it over. "This thing looks cool, but will it work?" A.J. put the morpher on his wrist, and he felt the energy surge through him. "I'll take that as a yes."
TerraNature Morpher
Reggie's TerraNature Morpher
Erica looked at Reggie. She demorphed, then removed her morpher. "Reggie, you will take over as the Green TerraNature Ranger. Your powers are drawn from the powerful Rhinoceros, and your battle vehicle is the Rhino Naturezord. With your friend's vehicle, you can form the TerraNature Megazord, which is a powerful robot on its own."
Power Weapons
Power Weapons
When the Aniforce Blasters and Sabers aren't enough, the Rangers can call upon their Power Weapons for added firepower against their enemies. From left to right, the Lion Blaster, the Bison Lance, the Hawk Saber, the Rhino Boomerangs, and the Dual Dolphin Bow.
Mega Cannon
Mega Cannon
When their individual Power Weapons aren't enough to take down a monster, the Aniforce Rangers (Devon, Trevor, and Karone) can combine their Power Weapons to form the Mega Cannon. The Mega Cannon is capable of destroying a weakened monster with just one blast.
Crystal of Solaris
Crystal of Solaris
Scorpius wants the legendary Crystal of Solaris for his own evil purposes, but he cannot go near it, since he is evil. He tricks the Aniforce Rangers into retrieving it for him by saying that his mother is sick and that the Crystal can also help them return home. Before they can get their hands on it, the Magna Defender grabs it and throws it to Scorpius, causing him great pain. Touching the Crystal transforms Scorpius into the insectoid alien that we know (and love), and fuels the fire for their later rivalry.