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"Reflection In A Broken Mirror" Heroes
Magna Defender
Magna Defender
You know the Magna Defender as the rebellious warrior that wanted to kill Scorpius because he killed his son, but, before he had a son, he was the peacekeeper of a very undeveloped Mirinoi. When Scorpius sent his Stingwingers after the Aniforce Rangers, he knew that he had to spring into action to save them. When he followed them to the cave with the Crystal of Solaris in it, he used it against Scorpius. This caused the villain to mutate into an insectoid form. Years later, Scorpius would kill Magna Defender's son in a battle, which would be the fuel for his rage against Scorpius when the Galaxy Rangers tried to intervene.
Galaxy Rangers
Galaxy Rangers, in the past
Galaxy Rangers
Years ago, the Galaxy Rangers - Kendrix, Kai, Leo, Damon, and Maya - protected the Terra Venture space colony from Scorpius's attacks. When Sonichron bumps into her on the street, Kendrix runs into an alley and hides. When the coast is clear, she calls up Kai and has him get in touch with everyone and meet her at the Quasar Saber Rock. They pull the Sabers and transform into the Galaxy Rangers to help protect the city from the combined attacks of Sonichron and the Roboticized Cassiopeia and Orion duo.
Desgination: Red Beastmaster Ranger
Background: Kellan is a longtime friend of Leandros's, and was more than willing to take on the powers of the Red Beastmaster to help protect their planet from invading forces. Like most Red Rangers before and after him, his elemental powers are fire-based.
Desgination: Pink Beastmaster Ranger
Background: Sarah and Meduron had dated years ago, prior to their becoming Rangers. When they became Rangers, they decided to put their relationship on hold until their mission was complete. When that time came, the team went their separate ways, and she and Meduron lost contact. Her elemental powers are wind-based.
Desgination: Yellow Beastmaster Ranger
Background: Michelle loves being a Beastmaster Ranger! Whenever the villains attack, she's ready to go into battle at the drop of a hat, no questions asked. This eagerness has caused her to get into trouble at times, but she has been working on that ever since she became a Ranger. Her elemental powers are solar-based.
Desgination: Blue Beastmaster Ranger
Background: Leandros has been serving as the advisor/mentor to the Aniforce Rangers while Meduron was in recovery from his bout with Skullfish's monsters. With Meduron back at 100%, he has assumed co-command of the team. He trained Tawni and Erica and was their sole advisor until they came to Mirinoi. Like most Blue Rangers before and after him, his elemental powers are water-based.
Desgination: Green Beastmaster Ranger
Background: Meduron has been the mentor/advisor of the Aniforce Rangers ever since Cassiopeia's forces first invaded Reflection Bay. He was the second-in-command of the Beastmasters, and was the first to revive his powers in the wake of Skullfish's attacks on the city. He rallied the team together for this battle against Sonichron and - later - the Roboticized Cassiopeia and Orion. His elemental powers are earth-based.