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"Reflection In A Broken Mirror" Villains
Scorpius (with armor) Scorpius (without armor, seated on his throne)
Scorpius (insect form)
You remember Scorpius as the six-tentacled insect monster that terrorized the Terra Venture and had an unexplored grudge against the Magna Defender, but did you ever wonder where all that began? Scorpius, as it turns out, used to be a humanoid alien. He stumbles upon the powerless Aniforce Rangers and attempts to coerce them into retrieving the Crystal of Solaris for him. When the Magna Defender thwarts his plans and he comes into contact with the Crystal, Scorpius mutates into the insect form that we all know (and love). He vows revenge on the Magna Defender for turning him into an insect.
The Stingwingers serve as Scorpius's henchmen, scouting the desert surface of Mirinoi looking for anyone they can find. When they see the Aniforce Rangers walking around, they inform Scorpius of their presence. He sets his plan into motion by sending them out to escort the Rangers to his base of operations. They would later resurface on the planet, invading Maya's jungle village with Furio during his quest for the Quasar Sabers.
Sonichron Visionary
Sonichron and Visionary
Visionary was infused with magic that caused him to create a vortex when he was destroyed. This vortex sucked the Aniforce Rangers into the past, where they encountered Scorpius. Sonichron was sent down after Visionary's destruction to 'finish the job' of destroying the city.
Roboticized Cassiopeia Roboticized Orion
Roboticized Cassiopeia and Roboticized Orion
Cassiopeia is turned into a robot by Draco's Roboticizer device and unleashed on Reflection Bay, much to Orion's delight. However, Draco double-crosses him and transforms him into a robot as well! In the end, Cassiopeia gets destroyed, and Orion gets his wish, becoming purified and living out his days with Andi.