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"Who I Am" Cast - Heroes/Allies
AJ Reynolds / Black TerraNature Ranger
AJ Reynolds - Black TerraNature Ranger
Since the defeat of the Constellation Kingdom, AJ has gone back to school to get his full teaching certification. He is a student teacher as he is needed throughout the district, but he does have a permanent position in the wings at the High School when he does get his certification. He reclaims his powers when Reggie's memory gets wiped by Chamaeleon.
Reggie Colón - Green TerraNature Ranger
Reggie Colón - Green TerraNature Ranger
In the six months since the defeat of the Constellation Kingdom, Reggie has signed on with a brand new modeling agency as their first client, and has become the poster spokesman for Reflection Springs bottled water. He is looking to expand his portfolio beyond being known for his physique, but he's finding it difficult to do so. He reclaims his powers when Christian convinces him that he's not engaged to be married to Edna.
Christian Avalon
Christian Avalon
Since the defeat of the Constellation Kingdom, Christian has taken it upon himself to back up all of the Rangers' Power Systems and Astra's databanks. He is currently taking classes at the University of Mirinoi at Reflection Bay, and is studying to become a personal trainer. Since he finished his backup project in only two months, he hasn't been around to visit Astra, who's a bit miffed by that...
"Who I Am" - Villains and Extras
When Draco was destroyed, Chamaeleon's spirit was set free. He rematerialized away from the action, and ran off to parts unknown to build up his own army, strangely wanting to avenge his own death. When he returns, he makes quick work of Reggie, but gets thwarted when AJ and Christian show up to undo his spell. When he tries to grow, he is unable to do so...
Edna Fogerty
Edna Fogerty
Modeled after 'Irma' from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," Edna is the girl-next-door coordinator for the Jeans By The Bay photoshoot. When she lays eyes on Reggie, it's love at first sight. When his memory gets wiped out, she takes it upon herself to tell him that they're engaged to be married, knowing that she's got the man of her dreams at her grasp. When he gets his memory back, however, things take a different turn...
Reggie's Agency Staff
Reggie's very small modeling agency only has two people: Armando Yaris, his modeling agent, and Becky, the clueless receptionist. Over time, the agency will grow, but Reggie's their only client at the moment, and, although he's got the Reflection Springs ad campaign under his belt, he needs to get out there more in order to bring in more clients.
Reflection Bay Tuxedo Depot Staff
We get to know two girls by name - Julie and Amber - as well as the VIP area's tailor, Taylor. Other staffers are mentioned, and they'll bend over backwards to make their VIP clients happy. Edna takes advantage of this generosity and makes them treat her like an Egyptian queen. When they're in the VIP area, Amber and Reggie get to talking, and she devises a plan to give Edna her just desserts...