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The dark armies of the Constellation Kingdom
Galactic Fortress
Galactic Fortress
Once belonging to Andromeda - yet always under the control of the Constellation Kingdom - the Galactic Fortress is the base of operations for our villains. It is equipped with lodging, training areas, and a beam cannon that can fire growth beams at fallen monsters, reviving them and enlarging them to city-wrecking proportions.
Participants (ordered by rank)
Emperor Perseus
Emperor Perseus
Evil has a new name, and it is Emperor Perseus. The overlord of the Constellation Empire, Perseus does not accept defeat - or treachery - lightly. It is unclear why he was alright with how Cassiopeia handled Andromeda... Maybe he doesn't know what happened? When Cassiopeia gets injured in battle and needs time to rest, he enters the picture and takes over command "for a brief time."
Cassiopeia is the more evil twin sister of Andromeda, the villainess who fought the SkyRangers in the year 1998. She banished Andromeda to parts unknown in a hostile takeover of her spaceship, and is now in control of her army. However, Cassiopeia is also spoiled, and can be very hostile if things aren't done her way, right away.
Thought to be lost in time forever, Andromeda returns as The Bard makes his way into Emperor Perseus's good graces. She frees Orion from his forced loyalty to Cassiopeia, then helps to reveal The Bard for what he truly is. After several losses to the Aniforce Rangers, she takes them on herself and loses, being purified of evil and turned good in the process.
Once the most loyal follower of Andromeda, Orion's cybernetic programming has rendered him loyal only to Cassiopeia. His mind struggles between being loyal to both evil sisters, which leads him to do things that are favorable to both sides. He is responsible for sending the Galactic Fortress into the future and heading towards Mirinoi. When Andromeda returns, Orion is briefly freed of the cybernetic controls. Perseus restores his loyalty to Cassiopeia after Andromeda disappears.
Created by Cassiopeia, Scattergory is extremely loyal to her. He has quickly become her right-hand man, replacing Orion, who appears to have his own motives. Scattergory has become Cassiopeia's guardian, and will let nothing happen to her unless he is taken out first.
The Bard
The Bard
The most notorious criminal on the planet Eschelon-12, The Bard outran two officers and wound up on Emperor Perseus's doorstep. He allied himself with Perseus in an attempt to usurp his throne and take over. His main ability is to create monsters from everyday objects, with his first attempt - the Cingular monster - nearly destroying the Aniforce Rangers within minutes!
Sonichron Visionary
Sonichron and Visionary
Cassiopeia discovered Sonichron and Visionary locked away in a cell on board the Galactic Fortress while attempting to free Orion and get her revenge against Emperor Perseus. The two assisted in the taking-down of the Emperor, which won them over as Cassiopeia's newest lackeys. Does she have bigger plans for them in the future?
the Astrobots
Cassiopeia's grunt fighters, the Astrobots are each equipped with an Astro Blade. Due to their metallic designs, the Astrobots are able to handle any conflict situation, ranging from extreme heat to extreme cold.
When Tuhina returns for one final battle, she brings with her a platoon of the commonly-available grunt fighters, the Pirahnotrons. Making their Power Rangers debut with 1997's Turbo series as fighters for the pirate queen Divatox, the Pirahnotrons have proven their versatility, having survived for at least ten years. Will they be strong enough to survive the Aniforce Rangers?
Created by The Bard from Reggie's cell phone, Cingular's power is to make people completely obsessed with phones and any communication devices, crippling them from being able to function normally. He succeeds in possessing the Aniforce Rangers in his first encounter with them.