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The Constellation Kingdom, Triangulum Branch
Astron Fortress
Astron Fortress
The Astron Fortress is home to the armies of the Triangulum Branch of the Constellation Kingdom, led by the powerful Draco. The ship has a bridge, a laboratory, and prison quarters, among other rooms. Draco has a separate throne room. Additionally, the ship is equipped with access to the Triangulum Branch's Monster Index, through which Draco and his forces are able to summon monsters to send down to battle the Rangers.
Participants (ordered by rank)
Draco (Super Form)
The self-proclaimed 'supreme ruler' of the Triangulum Branch of the Constellation Kingdom, Draco returns when he spots Perseus's ship crash-landing towards Mirinoi. After finding out that Cassiopeia had destroyed the Emperor, he took Cassiopeia hostage and sent his armies to investigate the wreckage. They returned with Orion and a vial of sand that, at one point, was Emperor Perseus. This vial was set aside for future use.

After months of failed attacks against the Rangers, Draco finally reached his breaking point, announcing to Austrina and Chamaeleon that, if they were to attack and fail again, they'd best not return to the Fortress at all. Austrina went into battle and lost at the hands of TV icon Drake Photon, which sent Draco over the edge. Without even giving him a choice, Draco absorbed Chamaeleon's energy, allowing him to reach his Super Form. This deranged version of Draco was on a collision course with Reflection Bay, until Perseus returned and sedated him. When he came to, he struck out on his own, engaging the Rangers in battle. He met his end at the hands of the Rangers, before Perseus had a chance to use him in his master plan.
Victoria Wachovia
Austrina is Draco's spoiled daughter. She usually gets what she wants, but that's after she whines enough that it drives her father nuts. She doesn't come up with very many good plans to combat the Power Rangers.

In "Misdirected Affection," she is sent to distract AJ and Reggie, assuming a human form. She decides to use that of Victoria Wachovia, an intern at the Reflection Bay High School. She uses this disguise to set up dates with both AJ and Reggie. With AJ, she claims to be Victoria the intern, but, with Reggie, she claims to be from TCK Models. (Get it? TCK = The Constellation Kingdom.)

When her plan to use TV hero Drake Photon against the Rangers backfires, she decides to take matters into her own hands, resulting in her demise, ironically at the hands of Drake Photon and the Mighty Rovers.
Chamaeleon (human disguise)
Chamaeleon is Draco's trusted advisor. He's also the brains of the outfit, frequently able to point out potential faults in Austrina's ill-conceived plans. He comes up with most of the plans that disable the Rangers' capabilities the most.

In "Misdirected Affection," we're introduced to his human disguise when he sneaks onto the Community Center grounds to blast Devon and Christian with the Sibling Rivalry Blaster 5.

After Austrina met her end at the hands of TV icon Drake Photon, Draco had finally had enough. He absorbed Chamaeleon into his own being, enabling him to transform into his super form. Thus, Chamaeleon's life was cut short, dying as he lived: Being screwed over by Austrina's failures.
Dittoes are aliens that can, with a little bit of DNA, assume the shape of anybody in the universe. Chamaeleon uses one to impersonate AJ in a plan to destroy the Rangers from the inside. Reggie catches on, and that Ditto is spared. Chamaeleon tries to use three more to impersonate the Aniforce Rangers, but they are defeated.
While the Robot Rangers have the Aniforce Rangers held hostage in their warehouse, Draco summons the Shielder monster to trap them in a dome, which shorts out their powers, causing them to demorph. When Reggie and Christian arrive on the scene, they send Shielder packing, disrupting the dome. He is defeated by the combined team of Rangers in the NatureForce Megazord.
Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Paindeer
Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Paindeer
Draco wants to steal Christmas from the citizens of Reflection Bay, so he sends Chamaeleon down to the Galleria to find him something to make a monster out of. He decides to steal the mall's giant Santa Claus and Reindeer decorations, which Draco transforms into this cheerful guy right here. Upon Rudolph's defeat, the decorations reappear in the Galleria, and the citizens rejoice.
Body Switcher
Body Switcher
Chamaeleon comes up with a plan to use Shane Lucas's photoshoot as a means to capture Tawni, so he has Austrina summon a monster. She summons a Body Switcher. This new breed, unfortunately, can only transform OTHERS into whatever, not themselves. (The old breed died out at the hands of the Power Rangers years ago.) However, Chamaeleon's quick reflexes reflect Body Switcher's ray back at him, transforming him into a clone of Shane! He meets his match by his own doing, when he transforms the Megazord's arm into a giant hammer.
Ditto Commander
Ditto Commander
When a few renegade Dittoes escape from their home planet and come to Mirinoi to have some fun with the filming for the 'Thursday...' movie, their leader comes to save the day. He destroys the three renegade Dittoes and absorbs their army of Blanks into his physical being, then leaves to go back to their home planet, presumably to take care of business there. This sudden departure shocks EVERYONE.
The Volans are Draco's grunt fighters. They don't have any special weapons, but they don't need them: The Volans never tire out, so they can battle for hours without getting tired.
A renegade warrior, Sagittarius is on a mission to unearth the powerful Orb of Enlightenment, which is capable of many things. In particular, the Orb of Enlightenment can bring people back from the Great Beyond. He uses it to revive Emperor Perseus, but cannot completely bring him back to life without a physical element of his being. In Layman's terms, he needs the vial of Emperor-Dust that was recovered from the wreckage of the Galactic Fortress by Draco and his forces.
Emperor Perseus
Emperor Perseus (2)
Emperor Perseus (Ultimate Form)
Emperor Perseus
The former supreme ruler of the Constellation Kingdom is nearly revived! Sagittarius brings him back from the Great Beyond, and he's ready to lay the proverbial smackdown on the Aniforce Rangers and Draco's forces! They make their way to the Astron Fortress, where Sagittarius discovers the vial of Emperor-Dust that Draco's forces collected upon discovering Orion on the Galactic Fortress. They use the dust with the Orb of Enlightenment and fully revive Emperor Perseus into his new form (second image).

With the Orb of Enlightenment in his possession, Perseus makes quick work of taking over Draco's ship and his army. A grand battle ensues, in which Perseus uses his armies' energies to fuel his own transformation, achieving his Ultimate Form at the expense of Andromeda, Orion, and Sagittarius. With this new power, he abandons the Astron Fortress and heads to Mirinoi to battle the Rangers, who make quick work of him with the Mega Winger's upgraded weaponry.
Andromeda (Monster Form)
Andromeda (Monster Form)
Revived by Emperor Perseus to battle the Rangers, Andromeda turns on Orion in the middle of their battle with the Rangers to drain his energy from him and absorb it into her own, transforming her into a strange Andromeda/Orion hybrid monster. Her energy level is great, which pleases Emperor Perseus, who waits until just the right moment to drain her energy and complete his transformation.
Cassiopeia, along with her forces, get captured by Draco's army after he finds out that they destroyed Emperor Perseus. He throws them all into his dungeon. What is his plan for them?
Sonichron Visionary
Sonichron and Visionary
Cassiopeia, along with her forces, get captured by Draco's army after he finds out that they destroyed Emperor Perseus. He throws them all into his dungeon. What is his plan for them?
Seemingly lost in the wreckage of the Galactic Fortress, Orion gets rescued by Draco's armies and welcomed onboard the Astron Fortress. He vows to help Draco out in exchange for being purified, much like Andromeda was. Draco promises this, but will it come at a price?
Robot Rangers Robot Rangers
Robot Rangers
Upon hearing that Christian is getting close to discovering who the Power Rangers are, Austrina suggests capturing him and holding him for ransom. Draco goes beyond that and sends down the Yellow Robot Ranger, unmorphed as Ashley Hammond, to lure him into a trap. She is successful, and holds Christian in an old warehouse until her teammates can arrive for backup.
Artillatron Turbo Megazord
Artillatron and the Turbo Megazord II
Chamaeleon makes his way back from Eltar with Artillatron, the Zord of the Phantom Ranger, which houses a backup set of Turbo Zords. The new Turbo Megazord, to be piloted by the reprogrammed Robot Rangers, has the same features as its predecessor.