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Eschelon-12 and the Galaxy Protection Squad ("Monster Catchers")
Commander Smythe
Commander Smythe
Commander Smythe is the leader of the Eschelon-12 branch of the Galaxy Protection Squad. His agency's main objective was The Bard, who eluded his two best officers in the field. When that happened, he brought out the big guns: the Monster Catchers.
Adrian is the more straight-laced, "by the book" officer. Partnered with Carrie, they managed to let The Bard slip through their hands, which led to their Commander pulling them off of the case. He wasn't too happy about it, considering that they had next-to-nothing for an arsenal to use against him.
When The Bard slipped through their hands, Carrie told the Commander that she WANTED to be pulled off of this mission. Adrian wasn't too happy about that decision, and Commander Smythe was shocked. Secretly, she hopes that the Monster Catchers fail, making Commander Smythe realize that he should have been more supportive in their efforts.
Monster Catchers
The leader, Khayri is the strong and silent type. He means business, and expects nothing less than the same from his team. He's usually at odds with Ariana, due to her poor work ethic towards their missions.
Suave and debonair, Mateo is a hit with the ladies. He is loyal to his team, and would do anything for them. He grew up with next to nothing, and worked hard to get into the Monster Catchers.
He's the technical whiz of the team, putting him in charge of the weapons and any repairs that the ship might need. He was a designer on the Secondsolar Megazord, so he's able to make repairs on it very quickly.
She hates to get her hands dirty, and will do anything to get out of having to fight in a tough situation. She is from an upper-class family, so she was raised with an entitlement mentality, having never had to work for anything.
Nearly as much of a perfectionist as Khayri, she wants to have every detail ironed out before she embarks on a mission. At times, this can cause conflict with Khayri, but they're learning to work with each other.