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Mecha: Zords and Megazords of the Aniforce Rangers
Hawk Zord
Aniforce Megazord
Aniforce Megazord
Comprised of: Hawk Zord + Lion Zord + Dolphin Zords
Main Weapon: Aniforce Megazord Saber, Shield

The Aniforce Megazord is Meduron's last gift to the Rangers. From the same bloodline as the ancient Galactabeasts, the Aniforce Beasts possess the same abilities as their ancestors, including having a Zord mode and the ability to combine into a Megazord.
Lion Zord
Dolphin Zord
Bison Zord
TerraNature Megazord
TerraNature Megazord
Comprised of: Bison Zord + Rhino Zord
Main Weapon: TerraNature Power Punch

The TerraNature Megazord was created after the split between Meduron and Leandros occured. Needing a Megazord for his Rangers, Leandros quickly reconfigured the Bison and Rhino Zords to combine, which explains its lack of a powerful arsenal.
Rhino Zord
Hawk Zord
NatureForce Megazord
NatureForce Megazord
Comprised of: Hawk + Lion + Dolphin + Bison + Rhino Zords
Main Weapon: NatureForce Megazord Saber, Shield

Five Zords become one when Leandros tells the Rangers that all of their Zords can combine into one! The NatureForce Megazord was the intended Megazord of the original team since their creation, but the two separate Megazords were the result of the split between Meduron and Leandros.
Lion Zord
Dolphin Zord
Bison Zord
Rhino Zord

Additional Megazords
SecondSolarSecondSolar Megazord
Modes: Flight Mode, Megazord Mode
Main Weapon: Hurricane Strike (a water-shooting cannon)

The futuristic spaceship transport for the Galaxy Protection Squad, the SecondSolar boasts a warrior mode as well as its regular spaceship configuration. It also serves as the housing quarters for the Monster Catchers if they have to travel far to apprehend villains.
Mega Winger
Mega Winger
Modes: Flight Mode, Megazord Mode
Main Weapon: Wing Blaster

First introduced in PRiS's "Dark Specter's Revenge," this dual-mode machine is Zhane's personal Zord. Beginning in 1999, the Mega Winger was reconstructed from scratch after it was destroyed by Astronema's forces in a fierce battle. Among its new abilities are hyper speed and interdimensional travel. It is a welcome addition to this fight between good and evil.
Leandros's Ship
Leandros's Ship
Carries: Rhino and Bison TerraNature Zords

Leandros's ship was used primarily for travel, and as a carrier vehicle for the TerraNature Zords.