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Power Rangers Beastmaster Legends
Power Rangers Beastmaster Legends: The Movie - "Get R.E.A.L." (Originally Written In: 2005)
Power Rangers Beastmaster Legends: The Movie - ''Get R.E.A.L.''

In the Underground Outpost, Leandros watched over Meduron. His brown-and-blond hair was tangled, and his uniform was torn. The heart monitor that he was hooked up to beeped slowly. Leandros shook his head.

"Meduron... You said you were fine. Obviously, you weren't. I just wish there was more that I could do."


He looked up. "Yes, Astra?"

-"You were fortunate to have shown up when you did. If you had shown up any later, Meduron would've been killed. If he could, Meduron would thank you for being so brave and rescuing him. Not to mention that you're now looking after his Rangers."-

"I suppose you're right." He turned to his friend. "You're going to be all right. As for your Rangers, I think they're going to be the death of me. They're such... Teenagers." He snickered. "Why couldn't you have picked old people? *They* would listen."

-"Don't bank on that. Old people are more stubborn than teenagers."-

"Point. Anyway, keep monitoring Reflection Bay for any sign of an alien attack. I have a feeling that something's out there, just waiting to strike."


Outside of the examination room, Leandros heard a commotion. "Please don't let it be..."

AJ and Reggie walked in, talking about a girl they saw at the local 8-15 convenience store.

"Dude, man, she totally wanted my number," AJ spoke.

"Why would she be interested in you..." Reggie stopped and ran his fingers through his hair. "... When she could have this?"

"Oh, whatever, man," AJ replied.


Reggie and AJ stopped and looked at Leandros. "Sorry, Leandros," they said in unison.

"It's all right. Hey, maybe you two can help me for a bit."

The two looked at each other, then back to their leader. "Sure. What's up?"

"Excellent! I need you two to go into the Arsenal Room and do a thorough inventory of the Aniforce Ranger weapons."

"You've got to be kidding," AJ protested. "Do you know how long that'll take? Not to mention --"

Reggie cut him off by putting his hand over AJ's mouth. "We'd be happy to, Leandros. Won't we?" He looked at AJ until he nodded in agreement. "Good!" He released his friend and turned back to Leandros. "Got a pen and paper?"

He pointed to a table. "Over there."

"Great! Come along, slave boy," Reggie said. "I'll look through it all. You can do all the writing."

AJ stood there, dumbfounded, as Reggie walked over to the table and picked up the writing utensils. "Uh... I..."

"Yo, AJ! The sooner we get done, the sooner we can get back to the 8-15!"

AJ's eyes widened at the realization. "Dude, let's get cracking!" He ran after his friend.

Leandros walked over to Meduron. "You owe me BIG for this."

About 300,000 miles away from Mirinoi, a familiar spaceship made its way towards the planet. On board were some rather unlikely teammates. Porto, the old captain of the ship, kept his duties as captain. Rito Revolto, the bungling henchman from the days of Rita and Zedd's hold on the universe, sat near the back of the vessel, sharpening his sword with the assistance of the multicolored Chromite fighters. His father, Master Vile, was also on board this vessel. Currently, he was guiding Porto and the Space Base towards the planet.

"Straight ahead, Marshmallow Man," Master Vile directed. "That planet in front of us looks like a good place to land!"

"But... That's the planet Mirinoi, Master Vile," Porto explained, "which is also the home of the Galaxy Rangers."

"The Galaxy Rangers have retired and all gone their separate ways, Porto," Master Vile replied, "leaving the planet open for anybody to conquer."

"Do you honestly think that the three of us can conquer a planet?"

"I'm the most powerful villain in the western half of the Galaxy! I can conquer anything!"

"Yes, I have no doubt in my mind that you can conquer it... Alone. However, you have to factor in that you are allied with Rito Revolto, who only knows your name because you're his father. Outside of that, he's not the strongest fighter in the known universe."

Master Vile pondered that for a minute. "You're right! What I need is a villainess with some decent henchmen!"

"Maybe you can send Rito and the Chromites down to the planet to search for any evil villains? Once he finds them, he can get you there to convince them to fight on your side."

"That's a brilliant plan, Porto! I knew that I kept you around for something!" He walked towards the back of the vessel to find his son.

Porto mocked him as he left. "'I knew that I kept you around for something,' huh? I'll show you! I'll go down there and recruit the baddest team of villains ever! The universe shall tremble when they hear the name 'Porto'!" He walked over to the steering console and pressed the "Auto Orbit" button. Laughing maniacally, he teleported to the planet's surface.

At that exact moment, Master Vile and Rito walked back in, followed by the Chromites. "Where is he?"

"Who, pop?"

"No thanks, I'm not thirsty. What happened to Porto?"

"You mean 'shorto'? He's not in here."

"He was in here not more than five minutes ago!"

"Are you sure about that, popperoo? Maybe you need some stronger lenses in your glasses. Do you want me to call EyeWizards and have them send over an optometrist?"

"They're not even real glasses! And... How do you know what an optometrist is?"

"An opto-what?"

"Forget it."


Cassiopeia looked at her surroundings. She saw a warehouse on a huge lot, and motioned towards it. Her army - Sonichron, Visionary, the Astrobots, and the Pirahnotrons - started to follow her. After a few hundred feet, Visionary spoke.

"My queen, where are we going?"

"We're going to that building straight ahead."

"Why that one, my queen? It looks awfully run-down." Visionary looked around and saw a less-desolate one. "Can't we go here instead?"

Cassiopeia stopped and turned around. "I am your queen, and you do not question my judgement. Got it?" Visionary nodded in response. "Excellent. Now, one more question or suggestion out of you, and I'll throw you into the nearest black hole!"

"Sorry, my queen."

"That's better." Cassiopeia turned back around and started walking. "Come. There isn't much time."


Porto materialized in a remote suburb of Reflection Bay. As he looked around, he noticed that it was deserted and appeared to be abandoned. "I'll never find any villains around *here*," he said as he continued to examine his surroundings. At that moment, he heard the sound of someone approaching. "I'd better take cover, in case it's some pesky Power Rangers." He saw a stack of boxes by an old warehouse and took cover behind them. Peering out from behind, he was amazed by who he saw. "It can't be..."



The armada stopped. Cassiopeia walked up to Sonichron. "What is it NOW? Can't you see that we're behind schedule?"

"I sense another presence nearby," Sonichron said, looking around.

Cassiopeia looked with him, but only for a few seconds. "Well?"

Sonichron summoned for a saber. "It's near this warehouse. Stay here, and I'll check it out." He walked over towards their future home with his saber drawn. "Come out, come out, wherever you are..."

Porto walked out from behind the stack of boxes, armed with a laser blaster. "Not so fast, Power... Rangers?"

"Power Rangers?" Sonichron lowered his saber. "We are no Power Rangers."

Cassiopeia ran to Sonichron's side. "Who - or what - are you?"

Porto gasped in shock. "Astronema!" He bowed. "I thought that you were destroyed!"

"'Astronema'?" Sonichron asked. "Wha--"

Cassiopeia stopped him. "I've been... Hiding - yes, hiding - on this... Planet since the... You know... Event."

Sonichron leaned over. "What is he talking about?"

"I have no idea, but if he can help us, I say we let him believe that I'm this Astronema character. Play along!" She turned to Porto. "Now, you were saying...?"

"Ah, yes. A few of us villains that escaped the Zordon Wave have formed an alliance, and I'd be honored if you would fight alongside us. Perhaps your awesome power is just what we need to defeat the Power Rangers once and for all!"

Cassiopeia started to put on a dramatic act. "So, you figured that you would just sneak around *my* headquarters, waiting for me to come home. When I did finally return, you had plans to kidnap me and force me to work for you? Me, the mighty Astronema?"

"I, uh..."

"You should be extremely grateful that I'm not going to destroy you right here and now, you little marshmallow! My new army is ten times more powerful than my previous one!"

"Well, I..."

"I'll join forces with you on ONE condition."


"You give me an evil headquarters AND enough firepower to wipe out this entire planet. Deal?"


"Excellent! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some packing to do. Get out of my sight."

"Right away!" Porto vanished.

Sonichron and the army applauded her performance. "Very well done, my queen!"

Cassiopeia turned around and bowed. "I should've been an actress, huh? We have to hurry, though. That thing will be back soon, and I can't disappoint him when he gets to work with this Astronema person. I need some powerful monsters, pronto. Sonichron, Visionary, you're in charge of that. Astrobots and Pirahnotrons, you will lure the Rangers into battles all over town when I command. Do you understand?" Everyone nodded. "Excellent. Now, let's get to it!"


In the Underground Outpost, AJ and Reggie emerged from the weapons closet. "We're finished with the inventory, Leandros," Reggie said. He looked around and noticed that he wasn't there. "Leandros?"

AJ ran to the monitor. "Dude, check it out! More of those fish things are at the park!"

Reggie ran to him, and looked at the monitor as well. "What are those robot things?"

"Who cares? We get to fight those fish things again," AJ said in an anxious manner. "C'mon!"

"Hold on, bro," Reggie warned. "I thought we destroyed Commander Skullfish. Something doesn't seem right."

"Dude, we have to go and, um, protect the park, or something. Let's go!"

"Geez, you're excitable," Reggie commented. "All right, let's go. I still say something's wrong."


The two teleported in streaks of black and green light.


In the park, the Astrobots and Pirahnotrons were walking around, with no real purpose for being there, aside from creating a distraction. The two TerraNature Ranger teens landed near the pond. AJ looked to his left and saw the mucky water. "A few feet more to the left, and we'd have been soaked!"

"Look," Reggie said, pointing towards the central statue, "there they are."

"Should we transform first?"

"The situation doesn't seem to warrant the Ranger gear," Reggie replied, "but, we should morph, just to be on the safe side."

The two assumed their morphing stances. With their morphers on their arms, they shouted their transformation phrase and did the motions. "Nature Storm, Ranger Form!" Green- and black-colored energies emerged from their respective morphers, coating the teens' bodies in a cloud. The energy fields shattered, revealing the outfits of the TerraNature Rangers. In a flash, the helmets appeared on the teens' heads. The facemasks closed in, and the transformation was complete.

"That took forever," AJ commented. "Let's go!"


AJ and Reggie ran towards the central statue. The group of grunts spotted them, and charged towards them in response. The two Rangers and the squad exchanged kicks and punches, but there were too many baddies for the Rangers to handle on their own.

As AJ reached for his communicator, a Pirahnotron knocked him into the fountain. He started jumping for joy at his achievement when an Astrobot flew into him from the right side, knocking him over. Reggie ran over to AJ and helped him out of the fountain.

"Do you think we're a touch outnumbered?"

"Twenty to one," Reggie said. "Yep, that's outnumbered."

"Let's even the odds, my friend, and call the others."

"Affirmative." Reggie spoke into his communicator, "Reggie to Leandros, are you there?"


"I read you, Reggie."

-"We're in the park, fighting a bunch of fish guys and robots. Obviously, we're outnumbered."-

"Do you want me to summon the others?"

-"The thought did cross our minds."-

"They'll be there momentarily, Reggie. Try not to get defeated until they arrive."

-"Such words of encouragement."-


Reggie turned to AJ. "The others are on their way."

"You know, I think Leandros missed his calling as a motivational speaker."

"Let's get back to action, bro."


AJ and Reggie resumed fighting the squadron of Pirahnotrons and Astrobots, and were pleased when some random laser blasts took out a dozen or so of the fighters. The TerraNature Rangers looked towards where the lasers came from, and saw their allies riding onto the scene. Devon led the Aniforce Rangers, blasting his way through the fighters. Trevor, on his left, and Karone, on his right, were also blasting away. A stray yellow blast narrowly missed hitting AJ. As Trevor zoomed past, he apologized. "Sorry about that!"

"You'd better not have damaged any of my hair!"

"... Through the helmet, dude?"

"Yeah, well, you can't be too sure."

The Aniforce Rangers leapt off of their cycles, which instantly disappeared. They ran to their teammates.

"Sorry we took so long," Devon said.

"You know how Trevor can get," Karone commented. "He'll be late to his own funeral."


"Let's send these bad guys packing!"

Just then, the platoon of fighters huddled up. One of the Astrobots was the leader, and he spoke. "Our task is complete. Let's go." With that, the fighters disappeared in orange and silver colored particles of energy.

The Rangers looked at each other in confusion.

"Why would they suddenly leave?"

"There's something much larger in the works," Karone said, "I can feel it."


At Cassiopeia's Warehouse, she was watching the battle unfold, courtesy of Visionary.

"I can't believe that my fighters can be so... stupid!" She began pacing around the room. "I send them to do one little thing - distract the Aniforce Rangers - and can they do that? No, not *my* fighters!"

Sonichron approached her. "Excuse me?"

She stopped and looked at him. "What?" She brushed some green hair out of her face.

"Porto is back, and he has a plan."

Porto stepped out from behind Sonichron. "I have amazing news! I have a device that can transport very large objects to different locations on the planet!"

"So? How is that going to help me?"

"If we can get the Power Rangers to call their Zords, Astronema, then you can use this device and transport them to a remote region of the planet, where they'll be lost forever!"

"That is *the*..." She paused for a moment, remembering that she had to pretend to be this 'Astronema' character. "...Most brilliant plan I've ever heard. Or, it would be the most brilliant plan I've ever heard, had Divatox herself not tried it nine years ago and failed!"


"If memory serves, didn't she use this same device and lose her memory?"


"You're worthless to me! I don't need your help to defeat the Rangers! I'm Astronema, and I conquered the whole known galaxy back in 1998. I can surely defeat five --"

Visionary chimed in. "Six."

"-- SIX Rangers with my vast armies. I don't need your little 'Space Base.'"

Porto growled. "If that's how you're going to be, I'm leaving."

"Don't let the door hit you on the way out." The round-shaped creature teleported in a stream of aqua energy. "Now that he's gone, I need a monster."

"Shouldn't you be worried about him?"

"Oh, please," Cassiopeia replied, "he thinks I'm *Astronema*. He wouldn't try anything against me."

"All right," Sonichron said. He picked up the monster notebook and pointed to a drawing. "This is the only monster I was able to come up with at this time. I hope she will suffice."

"She'll be fine. Visionary, do your stuff."

"Yes, ma'am!" Visionary fired a beam at the notebook, bringing the creature to life. It teleported out of the warehouse in a streak of musical energy.

"Look out, Rangers! Cassiopeia's back in the saddle, and your defeat is at hand."


Up in the Space Base, Porto walked back into the central room, steamed at what had happened. Rito walked after him. "Where were ya?"

"It's none of your concern."

"Popperoo isn't too happy with you, Shorto," Rito said. "I think you should've stayed gone."

At that moment, Master Vile appeared. "Marshmallow Man, where were you?"

"I went down to the planet's surface and met up with Astronema," Porto replied.

Rito gasped. "*THE* Astronema? The same one that conquered the universe back in the day?"


"Did you try and get her to ally with us? Astronema on our team would spell certain doom for the Power Rangers."

"She refused my offer. Now, I'm going to get even."

"What do you have planned, lad?"

"Oh, you'll see." Porto chuckled. "Refuse my offer, will you? I'll show you, Astronema."


"Should we get back to the Outpost?"


A booming voice interrupted Devon. "You won't be going anywhere, Rangers!" The Rangers turned towards a clearing, and watched as streaks of music began to circle around. A being materialized within the streaks, and soon broke free. This monster was feminine, and was white in color, with bars of music encircling her entire form. Her long, black hair flowed in the wind. "I am the Composer, and you are about to be defeated!"

Devon wanted to know who was behind her appearance. "Who sent you?"

"That is none of your concern, Power Rangers. Your only concern should be how you're going to protect your precious city from destruction!"

"Excuse me," Karone spoke, "but you can't possibly destroy Reflection Bay."

"Yeah!" AJ exclaimed, then turned toward Trevor. "Can she? I'm still kinda new at this."

"Dude," Reggie commented, "everybody knows that the city can't be destroyed unless it's done by a monster that's thirty stories tall."


The Composer pondered that statement. "You know, that's a much nicer idea than what I had planned!"


In the warehouse, Cassiopeia was watching the events unfold, courtesy of Visionary. "How am I going to make that monster grow?" She looked around at her henchmen. "Any ideas?"

Sonichron stepped forward, holding a device in his hand. "My queen, this device will enable your monsters to grow."

There was a slight pause. "Well?"


Cassiopeia growled. "Make the monster grow!"

"Oh, right! Come along, Visionary, we have to teleport to the battle scene." He walked over to his friend, and the two beings teleported out in red and purple colored beams.

Cassiopeia stood there and shook her head in disbelief. "I'm surrounded by goofballs."


-"...unless it's done by a monster that's thirty stores tall."-

"No!" Leandros pounded the console. "Don't give them any ideas!"

Astra's panel lit up. -"Are you frustrated, Leandros?"-

"Just a bit, Astra," Leandros replied, "but I'll calm down once the Rangers destroy the monster. Remind me, though, to have a chat with Reggie when they're through."



Sonichron and Visionary appeared by the Composer monster. The Rangers assumed their defensive stances.

"Who are you two?" Devon wondered where all these monsters were coming from.

"My apologies," Visionary responded. "My name is Visionary, and this is Sonichron. We have been sent to this place by our leader, Cassiopeia of the former Constellation Empire, to take over."

Devon, Trevor, and Karone were surprised. In unison, they exclaimed, "Cassiopeia's alive?!"

Reggie and AJ looked at them. "Who?"

"Our first task," Sonichron said, "is to make the Composer monster grow to city-wrecking proportions. Thank the Green Ranger for the idea."

AJ smacked Reggie on the back of his helmet. "Idiot."

Sonichron aimed the device at the Composer. "This won't hurt a bit." He pressed the green button, causing a green energy beam to be emitted from the antenna on the top of the remote. The monster grew taller and taller until it reached a height of approximately thirty stories. Sonichron released the button and turned to the Rangers. "Till we meet again," he said as the two henchmen teleported away.


"Prepare for your doom, Power Rangers!" The monster turned around and started walking towards the downtown area.

"We have to stop it," Trevor said.

"It's Zord time," Devon added. "Let's do it!"

"Right!" Everybody raised their right arms into the air. "We need NatureForce Megazord power, now!" They moved their right arms in a circular motion clockwise to their right sides, then punched directly in front of them. This created a burst of energy, which caused their fists to glow briefly at the final punch. The energy dispersed, and the Zords arrived at the scene. Each Ranger jumped into his or her Zord's cockpit, and powered them up for the battle.

"Devon to crew, is everybody powered up?"

-"Trevor in the Lion Zord, ready to roll!"-

-"Karone in the Dolphin Zords, preparing to set sail!"-

-"Reggie in the Rhino Zord, I'm ready!"-

-"AJ in the Bison Zord, I love this part!"-

"Activating NatureForce Megazord, now!"

Devon rotated the lever labeled 'NFM,' activating the combination sequence. The others did the same, completing the activation process. The Dolphin Zords formed the legs of the Aniforce Megazord, the Lion Zord formed the torso and arms, and the Hawk Zord formed the head. The Rhino and Bison Zords split apart, each creating a new arm and leg attachment, which attached to the Megazord with no problem. A new helmet materialized around the Megazord's head, and the five Rangers met in the newly-created Megazord cockpit. Together, they powered up the larger robot. "NatureForce Megazord, sequence complete!"

The monster looked at the Megazord. "You think that you can stop me in that thing? Hah!"

"Let's get this over with before she has a chance to attack us," Reggie said.

"How about a little sword play?" Karone suggested, implying the Megazord Saber.

"Good idea, Karone," Devon replied. He pressed a series of buttons on the console in front of him. "Activating NatureForce Megazord Saber."

The Megazord extended its right arm forward, and a series of sparks formed around the fist, creating the NatureForce Megazord Saber.

"Ooh, a sword, just what I always wanted!" The Composer monster sang a loud, off-key number that jammed up the Megazord's computer controls. Unable to hold onto it, it dropped the Saber.

"No!" Trevor yelled. "We have to get the Saber back!"

"I'm trying," Devon said, frantically pressing a bunch of buttons on his console, "but nothing's working!"

"It's mine now!" The Composer monster streaked past the Megazord, taking the Saber with her as she ran past. Once behind the Megazord, she delivered a slice down the robot's backside, causing it to spark.


-"Any ideas, guys?"-

-"We need Zhane!"-

Leandros sent a telepathic message to Zhane, hoping that he would respond and come to the Rangers' aid.


"Come on, just one more hit, and -- NO!" Zhane threw down the controller of his Mega Ninetendon system in frustration. "I was so close to beating Mecha-Godzilla, and now I have to start all over! Rotten, good-for-nothing game --"


"Whoa, I'm hearing voices."

-"Zhane, this is Leandros."-


-"Listen to me. The other Rangers are in trouble, and they need your help as soon as possible."-

"Right. I'm on my way!" He turned to the video game. "I will have my revenge on you yet, Mecha-Godzilla." He pulled out his transformation wand and held it above his head. "Unleash the Force!" Silver energy formed around Zhane's body, shattering to reveal the Silver Ranger uniform. His helmet formed from a grid that surrounded his head, completing the transformation. He ran out of his house, and, once he was a safe distance away, he called for Alazar, the mystical dragon fighter. The purple-and-green dragon flew to Zhane's location and took his place on Zhane's back, as new pieces of armor materialized on Zhane's Ranger costume. A new clear visor appeared on Zhane's helmet, completing the battlized mode. "Alazar, we have to get downtown as quickly as possible. The other Rangers are in trouble."

"Got it," Alazar replied. "Next stop: Downtown Reflection Bay."

Zhane took off and flew downtown, courtesy of Alazar.


Cassiopeia was watching the battle unfold. "This is great," she said as she ate some popcorn. "I haven't been this entertained in ages!" She looked at the Astrobots and Pirahnotrons that were around her. "Do you guys want some?" They all shook their heads. "Fine. That's more for me!"

"My queen," Sonichron said as he ran in from another room, "I have dire news. It appears that the Silver Ranger is on his way to help his friends."

"Blast! That Silver Ranger is always getting in the way." She smirked. "Don't worry about him, though."

"Why not?"

"He'll get what's coming to him in due time."


Zhane arrived downtown, in time to see the Megazord being trounced by the monster. "Don't worry, guys! Help is on the way," Zhane spoke into his communicator, which transmitted his message into the Megazord's cockpit.

The other Rangers looked down towards the ground. "It's Zhane," Devon said.

"Late as usual," Karone sneered.

"Better late than never," AJ commented.


Up in the Space Base, Rito was looking through the periscope. "Uh, you guys might want to see this..."

Porto waddled over to the scope and shoved Rito aside. He looked into the device and gasped. "The Silver Ranger!"

"What?!" Master Vile was surprised. "I thought he was destroyed years ago when Dark Specter invaded KO-35."

"So did I," Porto replied. "I wonder how he survived for so long."

"Just the same," Vile said, "we should make it our effort to destroy him."

"Shouldn't we leave him for the 'mighty Astronema' to destroy?" Porto was still steamed about being rejected.

"I betcha I can take him out on my own," Rito said, swinging his sword around. "Lemme at 'im!"

Porto turned towards him in time to watch as he swung right for the steering column. "Rito! Watch out for the --" It was too late, for at that instant, Rito struck the steering column and caused a massive explosion. "-- steering column..."


The ship began to spin around out of control. Porto waddled over to the charred steering column and looked at it. "There's no way that I can fix this."

"What do you mean by that?" Vile asked. "Do you mean to tell me that we're stuck spinning around out of control?"

"Maybe if I reattach these two wires," Porto explained as he fiddled with the exposed wiring, "I can get the spinning to stop." He touched two wires, a green one and a white one, together, and the spinning stopped. "Thank goodness," he said.

"You're a genius, Shorto," Rito said.

"I know --"

-"Countdown to Ultra Hyper-Rush Velocity in T-minus ten seconds... Nine... Eight..."-

Vile and Rito looked at Porto, who grinned. "Oops."

-"Four... Three... Two... One... Ultra Hyper-Rush Velocity has been engaged. Hold on to your hats!"-

The ship flew into deep space in a streak of white energy.


"You should summon your Zord," Alazar ordered, "before it's too late."

Zhane knew that time wasn't on his side. "Man, you're bossy." He shouted for his Zord, "Mega Winger, power up!"

The spaceship was launched from its lunar base, and flew towards Earth. Zhane flew towards the approaching ship, courtesy of Alazar, and teleported into the renovated cockpit. Standing at the control console, he steered the mighty Zord towards the battle. He pressed a red button on the control stick, which caused the ship to transform into a robot. The Mega Winger summoned its Wing Blaster, and aimed it at the monster.

"Ooh, another one," the Composer monster said. She looked at the ragged NatureForce Megazord. "I'm done playing with you," she said, turning towards the Mega Winger. She aimed the NatureForce Saber at the robot. "You're mine!"

As the monster charged the Mega Winger, Zhane took aim. When the monster was close enough, Zhane opened fire. The blasts knocked the monster back, and the Saber was sent flying towards the Megazord.

"We have to grab it," Reggie said.

"Right!" Devon maneuvered the right arm of the Megazord to a favorable position. "Watch this." The others watched as the Saber landed right in the Megazord's hand. Devon smirked underneath his helmet. "And you thought I was only good at tennis!"

"Can we dust this loser so we can go home?" AJ wanted to get this battle over with.

"Why?" Karone asked. "It's not like you have a hot date or anything."

"Ha ha."

"Everyone," Devon commanded, "we need to focus. Let's get the Megazord on its feet."


The Megazord slowly got up. Zhane maneuvered the Mega Winger to its location to help it get up.

"Thanks for the assist!"

"Always willing to help."

"Let's finish this creep. NatureForce Megazord, final strike!"

The Megazord flew towards the monster and delivered a series of slashes as it went past. The Composer monster fell to the ground and exploded in a ball of fire.


"YES!" Leandros jumped up and down. "They defeated the monster!"


"NO!" Cassiopeia threw her popcorn at her henchmen. "They defeated the monster!" She looked at Sonichron. "Somehow, this is all YOUR fault!"

"My queen, I apologize. Next time --"

"'Next time'?! Next time, you'd better not fail me, or else." She stormed off.

Visionary walked over to Sonichron. "What a sorehead."

"You said it."

"Hey," Visionary said, sniffing, "do you smell something burning?"

Sonichron sniffed. "You know, I do."

Cassiopeia walked back into the room holding a suspicious looking device. "Do either of you know what this is?"

Visionary looked at it. "I suspect that's a detonator. -- Hey, that's what that burning smell is!"

"A detonator?" Her eyes widened. "Porto." She threw the device to the side. "Um, we need to leave. NOW!"

"Whatever for?" Sonichron asked.

"That thing's about to blow! Porto and the Allied Legion must have planted it here, knowing that I'd betray them. They're clever, that bunch of baddies."

"Should we teleport?"

"I am. You guys can do whatever you want." With that, Cassiopeia teleported away.

"Hey, wait for us!" Sonichron, Visionary, and the horde of Astrobots and Pirahnotrons all teleported away. A couple of minutes later, the warehouse exploded.


In the Underground Outpost, the Rangers were celebrating their latest victory. Everybody except Karone, that is, who was standing off towards the right side of the main area of the base. Zhane walked over to her. "Everything all right?"

"Yes," she replied. "Well, no." She turned to him. "Zhane, I'm so sorry for how I've been acting towards you lately."

"I should apologize, too. I need to start taking my position as a Power Ranger seriously. It's just that I've been on my own for so long, and I'm not used to having people to answer to."

"So, it's a mutual 'I'm sorry' then?"

"Looks that way." He smiled at Karone, who smiled back. She hugged him. "Oh, how I've missed this."

The others noticed their two friends. "Awww..."

"Isn't that sweet? They made up," Devon said.

"They look like they belong together," Reggie commented.

"Makes me wanna hurl," AJ and Trevor said, in unison.

Karone gasped, having heard the last line. She released Zhane and grabbed a nearby foam bat. "Oh, you'll pay for that!" She ran towards Trevor and AJ, who ran off. "Come back here!"

Devon, Zhane, and Reggie laughed.


E   N   D


Coming Soon, in Series Two:
The Power Rangers face a new threat, when the Triangulum Branch of the Constellation Kingdom returns! What will become of Cassiopeia's forces with this new threat? Zhane gets some disturbing news, which forces him to leave Mirinoi and the Aniforce Rangers behind. Later in the series, the Rangers are whisked away to another dimension, where they meet an unlikely duo. Will they be able to return? Follow along with the continuing adventures in Power Rangers Beastmaster Legends Series Two, the brand-new continuation of this franchise, premiering on WEDNESDAY, April 13, 2011!
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