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Love Machine and the Rangers of Love (as seen in "Love Potion #19")
Love Machine
Love Machine
The Love Machine monster materialized from a mysterious pink-colored beam outside of Sea World of Mirinoi. He cast a love spell on Larissa and Clayton, making them fall in love with each other. When the Aniforce Rangers showed up to stop him in his tracks, he used his own powers to give the two teens superhuman abilities, turning them into his "Rangers of Love."
Rangers of Love
Larissa Morgan
Larissa Morgan
Larissa was at work, doing nothing, when Clayton Marquette came to her window looking for help with his car. There was an instant chemistry between the two of them, which was exploited by the Love Machine monster. The monster turned the two evil and used them as weapons against the Aniforce Rangers. Once the spell was broken, the two were still in love. How romantic!
Clayton Marquette
Clayton Marquette
When his car broke down in front of Sea World of Mirinoi, Clayton was instantly attracted to the ticket-taker, a girl named Larissa. The two hit it off instantly. When the Love Machine monster showed up, the bond between Larissa and him was used to create the powers of the Rangers Of Love. Taken over by the powers, Clayton led the battle against the Aniforce Rangers. After the spell was eventually broken, his feelings for Larissa remained.