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Aniforce Rangers
Devon Avalon / Red Aniforce Ranger
Devon Avalon - Red Aniforce Ranger
Devon is a champion tennis player and, in his spare time, teaches classes to novice players at the Reflection Bay Community Center. When Racquethead attacked, the spirit of the Red Aniforce Ranger came to Devon and granted him the powers of the Hawk, which he used to successfully defeat Racquethead.
Trevor Bennett / Yellow Aniforce Ranger
Trevor Bennett - Yellow Aniforce Ranger
Trevor was always one with nature, which is why he was taking up animal studies in hopes to get into the University of Mirinoi at Reflection Bay. While out on research one day, he basically stumbled across his destiny. Trevor watched as the forest slowly became covered in ice, thanks to a monster named Tuhina. The spirit of the Yellow Aniforce Ranger finally convinced Trevor to accept his newfound powers, which were used to send Tuhina packing.
Karone / Blue Aniforce Ranger
Karone - Blue Aniforce Ranger
Karone wasn't initially on board the Terra Venture, but after hearing about the unfortunate circumstances that befell Kendrix Morgan, she ventured into space, seeking the Pink Quasar Saber. She posed as Astronema to get it back at the Onyx Tavern Auction, and succeeded in returning it to the Rangers. In a battle with Trakeena, she was knocked over a cliff, and saved by the spirit of Galaxy Pink, who granted Karone with the Pink Ranger powers. Karone recovered the Saber, and the rest is history. Now, Karone works at Sea World as a dolphin trainer. During her premiere performance, the Guardian Angel monster attacked, and Karone tried to fight back. The spirit of the Blue Ranger helped her out by quickly giving Karone her powers, seeing as how she'd already been a Power Ranger.
Zhane / Silver Aniforce Ranger
Zhane - Silver Ranger
After the great battle in "Countdown to Destruction," Zhane returned to Earth with the other Rangers. Some time later, Karone would embark on a journey that would take her to parts unknown. Zhane, in the meanwhile, went off on his own missions. In hot pursuit of the evil forces of Zephyrus, Zhane found himself on the planet Mirinoi. He helped the Aniforce Rangers defeat Zephyrus, and stayed around to try and regain his ground with Karone. After some intense battles with the forces of the Constellation Empire, Zhane was severely weakened.