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Rebel Evil Allied Legion: A Blast From The Power Past!
Space Base
The Space Base
After Divatox destroyed the Turbo Rangers' Power Chamber, she was summoned to the Cimmarian Planet. Presumably, she left Porto and the Space Base behind for some reason. Maybe she had plans to defect from Dark Specter's plans to have Astronema fight the Space Rangers and take them on herself? Be that as it may, the whereabouts of Porto and the Space Base were never discussed in the series itself. We believe that Porto and the Chromites went searching for other villains, using the Space Base as their headquarters.

Last "Power Rangers" Activity: Power Rangers Turbo (1997)
Master Vile
Master Vile
Last seen in 1996, Master Vile had retreated to his home galaxy upon hearing of the return of the Machine Empire. When they did invade, his daughter, Rita Repulsa, and her family (along with some miscellaneous henchmutants) moved in with him for a brief time, plotting to invade the Earth again at a later date. Master Vile remained in hiding until the Z-Wave purified all of the evil in the Solar System. After that, he and his son, Rito Revolto, joined up with Porto and began to pillage in other galaxies, eventually targeting Mirinoi.

Last "Power Rangers" Activity: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers III (1995)
Rito Revolto
Rito Revolto
After aiding in the destruction of the Machine Empire in 1996, Rito Revolto returned to the M-51 galaxy to live with his father, Master Vile. This was a wise move on Rito's part, since this allowed him to avoid the Z-Wave. He does bear a striking resemblance to Zephyrus, but the two are not related.

Last "Power Rangers" Activity: Power Rangers Zeo (1996)
Divatox's former scientific advisor, Porto was left to his own devices when Divatox, Elgar, and Rygog were summoned to the Cimmarian Planet by Dark Specter. Equipped with the Space Base and an army of Chromites at his disposal, Porto went searching for other forgotten villains. He stumbled upon Rito Revolto during one journey, which led him to Master Vile. With Porto on board, their team was complete, and it was time to embark on a conquest of the universe.

Last "Power Rangers" Activity: Power Rangers Turbo (1997)
Dark Specter's trump-card against the now-powerless Rangers, Astronema rose from being the Princess of Evil to the Queen of Evil throughout her reign. In the end, she nearly wound up taking over the entire universe.

Last "Power Rangers" Activity: Power Rangers in Space (1998)
The Chromites
General Havoc's former multi-colored grunt fighters, the Chromites now serve the forces of the Rebel Evil Allied Legion. Their color assortment (red, white, green, blue, silver, and purple, among others) always makes for an interesting battle. They are armed with twin daggers, and are able to shoot lasers from their mouthpieces.

Last "Power Rangers" Activity: Power Rangers Turbo (1997)