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Power Rangers Beastmaster Legends | Series One
Power Rangers Beastmaster Legends

The Beastmaster Legends Story - Series 1
01 A Beginning In Three Parts, part 1 - The Hawk Flies In
Synopsis: The assault on Reflection Bay begins as Devon encounters the Racquethead monster. Can he stop its assault on Reflection Bay?

02 A Beginning In Three Parts, part 2 - Courage Of A Lion
Synopsis: Trevor questionably accepts the power of the Yellow Ranger when he encounters a monster while on a nature hike.

03 A Beginning In Three Parts, part 3 - Karone's Aquatic Awakening
Synopsis: Karone's debut as a dolphin trainer at Sea World is interrupted when the last of Orion's initial monsters attacks.

04 Welcome To The Jungle
Synopsis: The new Rangers meet their mentor in an unknown jungle, and get a briefing on who they're fighting against.

05 Functional Dysfunction
Synopsis: Upset that Orion went behind her back, Cassiopeia takes a monster and battles the Rangers herself.

06 A Traitor In Disguise
Synopsis: It's double the trouble when Scattergory is sent to Reflection Bay to capture Karone! Also, just what is the deal with Orion?

07 Tuhina's Call To Action
Synopsis: Tuhina returns, bringing with her a new army of warriors for Perseus. Meduron calls forth the Aniforce Beasts to help the Rangers in battle.

08 Love Potion #19
Synopsis: Larissa meets Clayton Marquette, whose family sponsored the construction of Terra Venture, and their love becomes the weapon that the Love Machine monster uses to battle the Aniforce Rangers.

09 Enter: The Bard, part 1
Synopsis: The Bard flees Eschelon-12, allies with Emperor Perseus, and gives the Aniforce Rangers a real run for their money in his first attack on the city.

10 Enter: The Bard, part 2
Synopsis: The Bard continues his reign of terror in Reflection Bay. Meanwhile, the Monster Catchers are dispatched from Eschelon-12 to bring The Bard to justice. Andromeda returns, and frees Orion from his forced loyalty to Cassiopeia.

11 Changes and New Beginnings
Synopsis: The Rangers are freed from Cingular's control when the Monster Catchers defeat him. Andromeda is discovered by Perseus, and made to work with The Bard to defeat every Ranger there is.

12 Inside Out
Synopsis: The Bard turns a skeleton into a monster, and unleashes it on Reflection Bay. Meanwhile, Andromeda and Orion disguise themselves and lead the Monster Catchers to The Bard's location, where they apprehend him.

13 Trevor, Trevorazzi
Synopsis: Trevor gets possessed by a monster's spell, and becomes obsessed with getting pictures of pop superstar Kevin Witt, who is in town to perform a benefit concert.

14 B-A-N-A-N-A-S
Synopsis: Andromeda goes down to Reflection Bay to take on the Rangers herself, and brings along a monkey-themed monster, whose bananas can make their victims go crazy.

15 The Andromeda Strain
Synopsis: Devon is on a date with Megan, which gets interrupted by a magazine interviewer. She turns out to be Andromeda in disguise! In the ultimate confrontation, Andromeda captures Devon and has the Rangers on the ropes!

16 In-Zhane In The Membrane
Synopsis: Zephyrus and his crew plan to attack KO-35, but are thwarted by Zhane, the Silver Space Ranger. When he chases them away, Zephyrus teams up with Emperor Perseus. Could this alliance spell trouble for the Aniforce Rangers?

17 Heavy Metal
Synopsis: Zhane unites with Meduron and helps to put the finishing touches on the Aniforce Megazord, just in time for the Rangers to use it in battle against Zephyrus.

18 History Mystery
Synopsis: Karone reveals details about her past with Zhane, and Perseus sends the Chronotron monster down to battle the Rangers.

19 Cassiopeia's Revenge, part 1
Synopsis: Cassiopeia strikes back against the Emperor, after rescuing Orion and recruiting two more monsters from the detention cells on board the Galactic Fortress.

20 Cassiopeia's Revenge, part 2 (SERIES 1 FINALE)
Synopsis: It's a countdown to destruction as the Galactic Fortress meets its journey's end. Is this battle the storm before the calm for the Aniforce Rangers and Reflection Bay?
(Yes, I tried to see how many real PR series finale names I could fit in there. I managed to get three!)