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Power Rangers Beastmaster Legends | Series Two, Part Two
The Beastmaster Legends Story
27A The Passion Of The Silver
Synopsis: Zhane receives an e-mail about his family, and has to make an important decision.

27B Stars In The Sky
Synopsis: Draco and the Triangulum Branch of the Constellation Kingdom pick up Perseus's ship heading towards Mirinoi, and head to the planet to investigate.

28 Summertime Feeling
Synopsis: Draco and his crew discover the remains of the Galactic Fortress, then launch their first assault against the Rangers, who are trying to have a beach day.

29 New Kids On The Block
Synopsis: Our supporting cast grows exponentially in this light piece that introduces Carrie's brother, her boyfriend, her boss, and another girl. In the meantime, Austrina sends down the evil Flamingirl monster to terrorize Isaac and Sandra on the Lightning Maya Trail. Is a bigger plan in the works?

30 Shattered
Synopsis: Meduron returns and reassumes co-command of the Rangers with Leandros. Reggie and AJ head to Victory Ridge for the tennis tournament, leaving Tawni and Erica to reassume the TerraNature Ranger powers. Meanwhile, Draco sends Visionary to battle the Aniforce Rangers, with unexpected results.

31 Reflection In A Broken Mirror, part 1
Synopsis: The now-powerless Aniforce Rangers wander around the desert, looking for any signs of life, until they discover a Stingwinger. In the present, Sonichron is sent down to finish the job that Visionary started. Without the Aniforce Rangers around, who will defend the city?

32 Reflection In A Broken Mirror, part 2
Synopsis: The Aniforce Rangers meet Scorpius, face-to-face, and get told of a great power that can help them return home. In the meanwhile, the Galaxy Rangers and the Beastmasters team up to defeat Sonichron. Draco sends the Roboticized Cassiopeia and Orion down to Reflection Bay upon Sonichron's demise.

33 Reflection In A Broken Mirror, part 3
Synopsis: The newly-Roboticized Cassiopeia and Orion attack Reflection Bay. The Galaxy Rangers leap into action to help the Beastmasters combat this new threat. In the past, Scorpius gets mutated when he comes in contact with the legendary Crystal of Solaris. The Rangers return to the present and help to defeat their old nemesis.

34 Possession
Synopsis: It's Halloween in the city! Draco takes over Reggie's body in a plan to destroy the Rangers from the inside. "So New Summer" kicks off with a Halloween-themed adventure. Yeah, our timing's not the greatest.

35 Blackout
Synopsis: Draco's forces capture AJ and send a Ditto monster down to take his place and act as an agent to destroy the Rangers. When Chamaeleon shows up in town with three more, the Ditto's true identity is discovered.

36 Natural Selection
Synopsis: Trevor gets accepted into the University of Mirinoi and has to leave the Rangers. Meanwhile, Austrina sends down the Leopardina monster, disguised as a common housecat.

37 Blood Red
Synopsis: This is Trevor's last appearance as the Yellow Ranger! In this adventure, Draco sends down the Skeetor monster to drain the blood from the citizens of Reflection Bay. Meanwhile, Devon's stepbrother, Christian, arrives in town, and learns a secret about Megan.

38 Lemon-Lime
Synopsis: Reggie takes on the powers of the Yellow Ranger. With AJ laid up, this leaves just the core Aniforce Rangers to battle Draco's newest monster, Ponya. Meanwhile, we meet Devon's and Christian's families, and come one step closer to Devon finding out about Megan.

39 Black and Yellow
Synopsis: With Reggie laid up after his first - and last - battle as the Yellow Ranger, AJ takes on the powers, temporarily transferring his and Reggie's powers back to Tawni and Erica. Meanwhile, Christian, on his way to track down Devon, falls into a trap set by Draco's forces.

40 Strong. Tough. Invincible.
Synopsis: Christian wakes up and discovers that Ashley is evil, when she is reuinted with her fellow Robot Rangers. He evades them and escapes. Meanwhile, the Aniforce Rangers struggle against the Voltmeter monster, only defeating it when the Turbo Rangers show up to help.

41 Robot Rampage, part 1
Synopsis: Reggie wakes up and discovers the trap that the other Aniforce Rangers have fallen into. He goes and finds Christian - who is looking for Devon - at the Community Center, and fills him in on what's been happening.

42 Robot Rampage, part 2
Synopsis: Reggie and Christian arrive at the warehouse and rescue the remaining Aniforce Rangers, who are shocked to learn that Christian has become the new Yellow Ranger. They rush back to town, only to find the Robot Rangers attacking it in their Turbo Megazord.

43 One Saturday Morning
Synopsis: AJ, Reggie, and three of their friends get sucked into the world of Saturday Morning TV when a freak electrical storm causes the television signal to get turned into a vortex.

44 Christian-ity
Synopsis: AJ and Reggie continue to trek through Saturday Morning TV. Meanwhile, Draco sends two monsters down to target Christian and Karone, further dividing the team. Can the team be reunited in time to save the city?

45 Misdirected Affection
Synopsis: Chamaeleon zaps Devon and Christian with a laser, designed to make them disagree with each other at all costs. Meanwhile, Austrina disguises herself as an intern to fool AJ and Reggie into thinking they each have a date with her.

46 Where Are You, Christmas?
Synopsis: Draco wants to steal Christmas from the citizens of Reflection Bay, so he sends Chamaeleon down to get him something to make a monster out of. Meanwhile, Karone and the guys pool their resources to help a needy family have a wonderful Christmas.

47 Your Biggest Fan
Synopsis: Chamaeleon plans to use Shane Lucas's photoshoot for the Reflection Bay Bike Shop as a trap to capture Tawni and use her as a means to get the Rangers to surrender their powers.

Special September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack Remembrance
Synopsis: We take a time out to remember the September 11th Terrorist Attack in the United States. Check out our commentary on what happened at that point. New adventures resume on September 17!

48 Thursday Of The Horrible Grizzly-Men
Synopsis: A famous director comes to Reflection Bay and casts Karone in a movie, but with one stipulation: She has to bring Reggie along for stuntwork. When it's discovered that the film crew is evil, can the remaining Rangers save Reggie from a car crash stunt before it's too late?

49 Drake Photon And The Mighty Rovers
Synopsis: Now that you've had breakfast, come back for lunch! For your dining pleasure, Reflection Bay is going nuts for the newest TV craze, 'Drake Photon...,' and Austrina takes advantage of this by pulling Drake Photon and his team out of their show and using them against the Rangers!

50 Usurper Of The Throne, part 1
Synopsis: Sagittarius unearths the powerful Orb of Enlightenment and begins the process to revive Emperor Perseus. Meanwhile, the Rangers decide to commit themselves to training 24/7 at the behest of Meduron, who informs them that they've been bailed out of many of their recent battles by OTHER Ranger teams.

51 Usurper Of The Throne, part 2
Synopsis: Sagittarius and Emperor Perseus arrive on the Astron Fortress, where they work to fully revive the Emperor. Meanwhile, Draco, mad with power, has the ship on a collision course with Reflection Bay. Leandros and the girls sneak onboard, with less than favorable results. The countdown to the finale is on!

52 Reinforcements From The Past
Synopsis: Perseus fights Zhane on board the Astron Fortress, nearly defeating him. He leaves his fate to Sagittarius, who takes the battle to the city below. Meanwhile, Perseus takes the Mega Winger and springs The Bard from the prison on Eschelon-12. Later, the girls awaken Draco, who goes down to the city on his own to destroy the Rangers!

53 An Ending In Three Parts, part 1: Down & Out In Reflection Bay
Synopsis: Draco strikes out on his own against the Rangers, which doesn't settle well with Perseus. Meanwhile, Sagittarius kidnaps Andi and Ryan from their flower shop. Perseus plans to turn them back into Andromeda and Orion!

54 An Ending In Three Parts, part 2: Approaching Zero Hour
Synopsis: Zhane and the Monster Catchers team up to battle The Bard, who has been sent to Reflection Bay to destroy the Rangers! Meanwhile, Meduron's crew makes their way towards the planet, wondering if they should reconsider Meduron's plans to storm Perseus's base and destroy him there.

55 An Ending In Three Parts, part 3: A Death Avenged
Synopsis: It's the final battle! Emperor Perseus throws everything he has left at the Rangers to achieve his Ultimate Form! Will Meduron and the Beastmasters avenge Leandros's death, or will they suffer a similar fate? It's been 10 years since our tale began. It all comes down to this!