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Power Rangers Beastmaster Legends | Series Two, Part One
The Beastmaster Legends Story
21 The Dragon's Deadly Secret
Synopsis: Zhane embarks on a spiritual quest to find a mystical healer, and to increase his Ranger powers.

22 Relationship On The Rocks
Synopsis: Zhane and Karone have an argument, which seemingly ends their relationship. Meanwhile, a new evil threat makes its way to Reflection Bay.

23 Enter: The Skullfish
Synopsis: The TerraNature Rangers head into combat to try and stop Commander Skullfish. Meduron heads into combat as well, unknowingly revealing an awesome secret to Reggie and AJ. Skullfish captures a now-Green-Ranger Meduron, along with two civilians, with plans to offer them as a sacrifice in the Great Mirinoi Desert.

24 The New Face Of Leadership
Synopsis: Tension mounts amongst the Aniforce Rangers. Meanwhile, Leandros discovers the Underground Outpost and assumes command of the Aniforce Ranger team in Meduron's absence.

25 NatureForce Rising
Synopsis: Reggie concocts a plan to escape the clutches of Commander Skullfish. Leandros shows the five Rangers how their Zords can combine into one. Meduron and the teens escape, but are soon discovered by Skullfish... who is soon discovered by Leandros and the five Power Rangers. In battle, Tawni and Erica get injured, leaving Reggie and AJ to step in and assume the powers of the Green and Black Rangers.

26 The Skullfish Smackdown
Synopsis: Skullfish grows to a gargantuan size, and the Rangers combine their Zords to create the NatureForce Megazord.
Power Rangers Beastmaster Legends: The Movie - "Get R.E.A.L." | Click the link to the left!
The Beastmaster Legends Story