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Commander Skullfish, the evil trout that'll knock you out!
Commander Skullfish
Commander Skullfish
From the farthest reaches of the Lost Galaxy emerges Commander Skullfish, an alien with a mission: To hunt down and destroy Leandros. When he makes his way to Mirinoi, he stumbles upon Meduron, which is a welcome surprise. He captures Meduron and two civilians, with plans to sacrifice them to the wild dingoes of the Great Mirinoi Desert.
Armored Pirahnotrons
Armored Pirahnotrons
When Skullfish attacks Reflection Bay, he summons a squadron of the commonly available Pirahnotrons. When he is scoffed at, he gives the fighters a boost of power, transforming them into Armored Pirahnotrons. Three times more powerful than their previous forms, these new fighters are seemingly unbeatable!
Disco Kitty
Disco Kitty!
After Skullfish captures Reggie, A.J., and Green Ranger Meduron, he ties them up in the Great Mirinoi Desert. Needing somebody to watch over them while he goes to take over the city, he summons the Disco Kitty monster. (Yes, the same one from Power Rangers In Space's "Invasion of the Body Switcher.") This less-than-intelligent feline monster winds up letting the hostages go free after being tricked with an American Idol-like scenario.