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Power Rangers Beastmaster Legends | Special Episodes
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12 Looking Forward To The Weekend
Synopsis: Andromeda and Orion, still celebrating after double-crossing The Bard, recruit an alien music producer to create an infectious song to distract the people of Reflection Bay long enough for them to take over with no resistance.

58 The Unreal Ghostbusters
Synopsis: After visiting Larissa at work one night, Clayton sees something in a field. His suspicions are correct: He's seen the Great Pumpkin! Nobody believes him, so he drags everyone to the field the next night to see for themselves. Will the Great Pumpkin surface, or has Clayton lost his mind? Happy Halloween!

56A Rain, Rain, Go Away
Synopsis: It's raining in Reflection Bay. Bored, the gang meets up at the Community Center. To pass the time, they play Monopoly.

57 Black-and-Blue Friday
Synopsis: It's the day after Thanksgiving, and you know what that means: STANDING IN LINE!

56B Blue-Light Special
Synopsis: Devon needs some new shoes. He, Trevor, and Karone go shopping at the local Kmart.

19/20R Cassiopeia's Revenge: Extended/Remixed Edition
Synopsis: It's "Cassiopeia's Revenge," but with a twist to make it fit more cohesively with the newer installments of the franchise! Revisit the traitorous Cassiopeia as she discovers what's been happening since she's been gone, now with an extended monster battle to occupy the Rangers while everything's going on!

59A V5: Sneak Preview #1
Synopsis: It's a new year, and that means it's time for a new Ranger adventure! Get your first glimpse into the world of "V5," set years in the future from Beastmaster Legends.

59B V5: Sneak Preview #2
Synopsis: Take your first look at the forthcoming "V5: The Movie" with our special presentation of the first few paragraphs of the story! Welcome to Dominion Falls!

60 Who I Am
Synopsis: Chamaeleon is still alive, and has spent the past six months plotting his revenge against the Aniforce Rangers. Meanwhile, Reggie visits his modeling agency and gets his next assignment: Jeans By The Bay's 805 Skinny Jeans.