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Power Rangers Beastmaster Legends - So New Summer
"So New Summer" Hottest Ranger Survey (June 26-July 30, 2011)
It's time for you, our loyal readers, to cast your vote and decide which Beastmaster Legends Ranger is the hottest! The poll is open through July 30, 2011, and the results will be formally announced with the debut of Episode 43 on August 6th. You can vote as often as you like!

:: The Candidates ::

So New Summer - Hottest Ranger Survey

The results are in! Click here to view the results...

#4 (tied) - Devon Avalon (Red) and Trevor Bennett (Yellow) - 17
#3 - Reggie Colón (Green) - 18
#2 - AJ Reynolds (Black) - 19
#1 - Karone (Blue) - 24

Thank you to everyone that voted!
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