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Z-3: Zephyrus, Zion, and Ze'ev
Zephyrus and his crew were making their way through the known universe, when they stumbled across planet KO-35. Figuring that it would be defenseless, Zephyrus's ship landed on the planet, and the team of three set out to conquer it. What they didn't count on, though, was Zhane. Zhane chased them off of KO-35 and into the far reaches of space... So far, in fact, that they wound up on Mirinoi!

Zion and Ze'ev
Zion and Ze'ev, the Skellecron Warriors
Captured by Zephyrus in one of his missions, Zion (in green) and Ze'ev (in blue) aren't the most formidable of foes. Zhane managed to destroy both of them without breaking a sweat, making Zephyrus think twice about conquering his home planet.