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The "Ride The Rails" Story!
The ''Ride The Rails'' Story!
About "Power Rangers Ride The Rails"
Authored: Earliest concepts used date back to 2011; TQG version dates to August 2016
Current Progress:
Episodes 1-18: Completed | Episode 19: In Progress

Origin History:
Power Rangers Ride The Rails is the spinoff to my previous fan-fiction work, Power Rangers Beastmaster Legends, which I have hosted here as well. During the Summer Hiatus of TV's Power Rangers Dino Supercharge season, I started ironing out the plans for a fiction series that would take what I loved from that series and thrust it onto a new world. Well, what better world to thrust these imaginary heroes/villains upon than the one that the series has forgotten about: Mirinoi!

Looking back through all of the previous establishing works that I've written since I finished up with Beastmaster Legends back in 2011, I drew inspiration from my own work and started to lay out the groundwork for this series. Also, rather than use actual celebrity likenesses, I turned to The Sims 4 for character design inspiration, as far as the good guys are concerned. Monsters that are used are unused ones from both Super Sentai and Power Rangers... Or, they're from looking up images of Halloween costumes.

Enjoy the show!
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