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Power Rangers Ride The Rails
#06 - "Like A Virgin" (Originally Written In: 2017)

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"Moon... Spiral... Heart... Attack!" The warrior, clad in pink armor, shouted as he twirled around and charged up his attack. He unleashed a barrage of pink heart-shaped energy projectiles at the monster, but he swatted them away. Stunned, the warrior looked at his staff. "Why didn't it work?"

"I am much too powerful for you, Otome Momoiro," the dark-colored monster growled. "Take this!" He extended his arm forward and fired a beam at Otome, sending him flying backward into a nearby tree and causing his armor to dissolve as he fell to the ground, face-first. He turned toward the nearby village, which was burning to the ground. "One more blast ought to finish this place off." He fired a blast at one of the electrical poles, sending his energy into every building that it was connected to. One by one, the remains of the buildings erupted in a blaze of glory. Laughing evilly, he walked away, disappearing as he went.

Otome struggled to stand up. Clutching his side, he looked at his home in horror. "My village!" He screamed. "Glarecide, wherever you are, you will pay for this!"

-"Try and collect, Otome Momoiro!"- As Otome turned around to see Glarecide standing there, he was struck by the monster's sword, slicing through his clothing and exposing a gash on his chest. Otome fell to the ground, clutching his chest. "So much for the Star Force. With you out of the way, there's nothing that stands between me and conquering the rest of the galaxy! Sayonara, Otome Momoiro!" He laughed as he teleported away.

Otome coughed as he clutched his chest, struggling to get up. "Wherever you go, I will find you, and I will be triumphant."


Glarecide's teleportation beam flew past Xityrant's ship, capturing his attention. Entoborg ran into Xityrant's quarters. "My Lord! There's a monster flying through space toward Venture Capital! Shall I dispatch some Spectres to stop him?"

"Don't bother quite yet," he replied. "Let us monitor this interloper's activity and see if he requires assistance. Fortunately, the Satellaser is a universal alien enlargement device, so we can lend a hand in that way, should the need arise."

"Yes, sir." Entoborg walked out of the room.

Xityrant focused all of his monitors on Glarecide's beam. "What could he be doing...?"


As the sun set behind the remnants of his city, Otome walked through the streets toward the one place that he knew would have the equipment available to help him track down Glarecide: the Technology Annex, which was located in the center of town. As he approached it, he grinned. "I knew it would still be here!" The building was reinforced with heat-resistant steel, having been the target of numerous attacks in the past. However, while the exterior was still standing, the interior might not have been so lucky. Otome ran through the front entrance of the building and saw that it had been charred from Glarecide's recent attack. He frowned as he walked around the interior, steering clear of any debris that might still be hot. He coughed, due to the poor quality of the air in the interior corridors of the building. As he approached the end of the hallway, he saw something shiny. One of the doors - a metal one - was intact! He ran toward it and pried it open. He walked in and saw that everything in the room was unharmed. "Hm..." He looked at the equipment, trying to piece something together.

-"Who's out there?"- A voice echoed from an adjacent room.

Otome quickly dropped the object he was holding onto and turned around. "I'm innocent! I swear!"

"Oh, Otome Momoiro, it's you!" The scientist, one Doctor Photonstone, ran up to him and hugged him tightly. "Thank goodness!"

"I kind of need to breathe..." Photonstone released his hold on Otome, and he took a deep breath. "It's nice to see you as well, Doctor."

"Did you defeat the monster?"

"No, he overpowered me and escaped. That is why I'm here. I need something to track his movement. I want to find him and destroy him for what he did to the village."

"That will be tricky. The only way that would work is if I had something of the monster's that I could use as a target. Anything at all. Even the smallest fragment of clothing would work." Otome clutched his chest in pain. Photonstone quickly turned to face him. "What happened?"

"It's just... Glarecide slashed at me with his saber and left a cut behind." The pain flared up and he clutched his chest harder. "Aah..."

Photonstone grinned. "Excellent!" He picked up a scanning device and ran it past Otome's chest. "There's a small fragment of metal in there. If I can get it out and clean it up, it might be enough to help you find him!"

Otome looked at him with concern. "Is it going to hurt?"

"It won't hurt me a bit!" He smirked.

"Oh, man..."


Phoenix was with his teammates in the park, running drills for the big rivalry football game against the Reflection Bay Surfers this coming weekend. He caught the snap, and took a few steps back as three of his teammates ran down the field. "Go long!" He shouted. He threw the football toward Nelson in the center, but an energy blast disintegrated the football as it crashed down on the field. When the energy cleared, Glarecide was kneeling down. He slowly stood up and looked around. The entire football team ran off in terror, leaving Phoenix behind. "Hey, man! You owe me a football!"

Glarecide slowly turned to face him. "I'm sorry?"

"Did I stutter? Your little energy thing burned my football, so you owe me a new one! I know lawyers, and we can collect!"

"Oh, please," Glarecide said, flinging an energy blast in Phoenix's direction. "I don't have time to waste on peasants like you."

Phoenix quickly leapt out of the way of the blast, which exploded right where he was standing. He looked at the charred ground. "This guy means business! Better get the others." He pressed a button on his Rail Morpher. "Phoenix to Brandon. Are you there?"

-"What's going on?"- Brandon's voice crackled over the speaker.

"First of all, there's some gnarly monster that just crash-landed here in the park. I think he means serious business. Second, why do you sound so horrible over the speaker today?"

-"I'll contact the others right away. As for my voice, we've been having technical problems with the communication channels. I think Mackayla tried to change the channel on the TV in the break room and pressed a wrong button. Love the girl, but she's got issues."-

Phoenix snickered. "Classic Mackayla." He looked at the monster, who was walking toward the city. "I'd better try and hold him off until the others get here." He reached into his pocket and pulled out his Engine Charger. He inserted it into his Rail Morpher and lowered the gate mechanism. "TQG, Activate!" Green energy enveloped him, shattering to reveal his Ranger costume.


Otome grimaced in pain as Photonstone pulled a small shard of metal out of the wound on his chest. "This is perfect!"

"Haven't you heard of novocaine?"

"No, why? Is that some new band?" Photonstone used an antiseptic wipe to clean the piece of metal before inserting it into a tracking device.

Otome looked around and saw a roll of gauze and some medical tape nearby. He walked over to it and cut off a piece of gauze, and then he taped it to his chest, covering up the wound. He turned back around and walked toward Doctor Photonstone. "Is this gizmo going to work?"

"It should." He powered it up, and it started to make a beeping sound. "It works!" He handed the device over to Otome. "This should help you find him!"

He took the device. "Excellent!" He looked at its screen and saw that it showed Glarecide heading toward the planet Mirinoi. "He's on the planet Mirinoi. That's not too far from here." He looked at Photonstone. "You don't, by any chance, have a means to travel through space, do you?"

He shook his head. "Sorry!"

"I'll just have to hope that the old Star Force Cruisers are in working order. Surely, one of them's got to work. Thank you for your help!" Otome ran out of the lab, holding onto the tracking device.

He sighed. "These kids today, with their tracking devices and Star Force Cruisers... Why, back in my day, we never had such luxuries!"


"Hey, ugly!" Phoenix shouted, catching up to Glarecide. "I've got a present for you!"

Glarecide turned around. "What could you possibly have for me?"

"Oh, just a little something that I like to call..." He pulled out his Flame Axe weapon and started to charge up his attack. "...Fire of the Phoenix!" He swung the axe around and sent a stream of fireballs toward Glarecide, who caught each one and combined them into one giant fireball that hovered in front of him. Phoenix lowered his axe. "What?! It didn't work?"

"It worked perfectly... FOR ME! RETURN TO SENDER!" He sent the giant fireball flying back at him.

-"Oh, no, you don't! Water Blast!"- Chase fired a barrage of water at the fireball, extinguishing it before it hit Phoenix. He looked over and saw Chase running toward him, followed by the other Rangers. Chase put a hand on Phoenix's shoulder. "Are you okay, mate?"

"I'm fine, thanks to you," Phoenix nodded.

"Who is this clown?" Kaori asked.

"The name's Glarecide, and destroying civilizations is my game!"

"He's not joking around," Phoenix commented. "He used my own power against me."

"What if we attack him as a team?" Gabriela asked.

Phoenix shook his head. "Probably wouldn't work. He'd just send our element attacks back at us."

"What if we combine our weapons into a super weapon?" Riley asked.

"Like the Dino Spike back home?" Chase asked. Riley nodded.

"What do we have to lose?" Phoenix added. "Let's do it!"

"Wind Saber!" Riley's sword appeared in his hand.

"Hydro Cannon!" He looked at his hand, which was already holding the weapon. "Here it is!"

"Flame Axe!" Phoenix held up his weapon.

"Lightning Hammer!" Gabriela's weapon appeared in her hand.

"Earth Claw!" Kaori's weapon appeared in her hand.

"Let's bring 'em together!" Riley exclaimed. The Rangers assembled their weapons into a large blaster. "Whose Engine Charger should we put in?"

"Phoenix was here first, so what about his?" Kaori asked.

"Got it!" Phoenix pressed a red button on his Rail Morpher, which opened the gate mechanism, allowing him to remove his Engine Charger. He inserted it into the blaster weapon. "Engine Charger, ready!"

Riley held the weapon, flanked on either side by his teammates. "Prepare to go down! Hurricane Cannon, Flame Attack!" The cannon sent the Engine Charger flying toward the monster. On the way, it transformed into a green-tinted high-energy fireball. It struck Glarecide square in the chest. "Yeah! It worked!"

"Guess again," Glarecide said, still standing there, unfazed by the attack.

Riley dropped the weapon. "You've got to be kidding me!"

"You're not even worth my time." He turned to walk away, when he was struck from behind by a barrage of pink heart-shaped energy blasts. This surprise barrage knocked him to the ground. "What the--?"

"What the--?" The Rangers followed the chain of energy hearts up into the air, and saw an armored warrior in a pink ship fly over them. The warrior jumped out of the ship, which disappeared as he exited, and landed on the ground between Glarecide and the Rangers.

"Stand back," he ordered, holding up a hand in a 'stop' motion. "Glarecide is a very dangerous enemy."

He stood up and turned around. "Otome Momoiro? I thought I destroyed you and the rest of your planet!"

"You can't keep a good man down, Glarecide! In fact, maybe these candy-colored heroes wore you down enough that I'll be able to destroy you once and for all!" He held his staff up above his head and began to twirl around, charging up his attack.

Riley leaned over to Chase. -"What is he doing?"-

-"I don't know, but he's rather graceful!"-

"He's so elegant," Gabriela swooned. "I think I'm in love..."

"Moon... Spiral... Heart... Attack!" Otome stopped twirling and sent a barrage of pink-colored energy hearts toward Glarecide. The hearts struck him, sparking against his skin each time. "It's working!" Suddenly, the hearts stopped. Otome looked up. "What? It stopped?"

Glarecide laughed. "Your weapon is useless now, Otome Momoiro! Now, I shall lay waste to this entire city! Sayonara!" He teleported away.

Otome lowered his arms and head, demorphing in the process. He turned to face the Rangers. "I am sorry. I have failed you."

Chase and Riley gasped. "Koda?!" They removed their helmets and ran toward Otome. "Is that you?"

He shook his head. "Who is this 'Koda'? I go by the name Otome Momoiro."

"Oh, I'm sorry," Riley apologized. "It's just... You look exactly like a friend of ours from the planet Earth."

"It's definitely an uncanny resemblance," Chase added.

The other Rangers removed their helmets and ran up to the others. "We'd better get you to our base to get you fixed up, and to figure out our next plan of attack," Kaori spoke.

"If that thing's really as powerful as he claims, then we're going to need some serious firepower to beat him," Phoenix commented.

"Then, it is settled. We shall retire to your headquarters to recover and prepare our next strategic move," Otome said.

Gabriela sighed. "He even speaks eloquently..."


"If he survives," Xityrant said, watching the battle unfold, "he's going to be my new second-in-command. He's got those Rangers and that pink doofus on the ropes, and he didn't even break a sweat!"


Back at TQGHQ, Otome was taken to the Medical Center, where he was laid out on a hospital bed and hooked to several devices, each of which monitored a different aspect of his health. A heart rate monitor beeped at a steady pace, and the other devices all indicated that he was in stable condition. He was asleep, resting after the exhausting battle. A nurse was noting his vital signs on his medical chart.

Elsewhere, the Rangers were with Brandon in the Weapons Lab, studying Otome's Spiral Heart Staff. "This is *very* fascinating," Brandon said, looking closely at the weapon.

"It just quit working during the battle against that monster," Riley spoke. "Can you figure out what's wrong with it?"

"Also, we were not powerful enough as a team to stop him, nor was Otome by himself, especially after his weapon quit working," Kaori added.

"It's like... He needs more power, but where can he get it from?" Phoenix mused.

"We could try to attack the monster together, with both blasts at once," Gabriela pondered. "That might work."

"No," Chase said, shaking his head and walking away from the others, "that's not going to work. What we need..." He snapped his fingers and turned around to face the group. "... Is to COMBINE our powers!"

Riley looked at him, confused. "What do you mean?"

"It's like what happened in Episode 16 of 'Kawaii Sentai Nekoranger,' when the crossover hero showed up in the Nekorangers' world. They had to combine their forces together to upgrade the new hero's abilities in order to defeat the crossover villain."

"That's a TV show," Kaori commented in a snarky tone. "This is REALITY."

"Do you have any other ideas?"

Kaori looked down. "...No."

"So, it's settled. Brandon, have the technicians find a way to create an Engine Charger that has a sample of all five of our powers. Also, they'll need to modify Otome's staff to be able to hold the Charger while still maintaining its functionality. Set out to work on that right away. As for the rest of us--"

"--I'll go and check on Otome!" Gabriela squealed. "Bye!" She ran out of the room.

Chase watched her leave. "...Okay, then. Gabriela will make sure that Otome stays in good condition. As for the rest of us, we need to make sure that monster doesn't try anything until our plan is ready."

"You mean... Go back out there and fight him?" Phoenix asked. Riley and the others nodded. "Good! He still owes me a football."

"Do you *really* think he's going to give you a new one?" Kaori inquired.

"He will, if he knows what's good for him," Phoenix replied. "C'mon, guys. Let's go and find that sports-hating creep!"

"I don't quite agree with the logic, but that's what we need to do," Riley spoke. "Brandon, send Gabriela and Otome with the new weapon as soon as you can. I don't know how long we can hold this guy off."

Brandon nodded. "You got it."


Elsewhere in TQGHQ, Gabriela ran into Otome's room and saw that he was awake. She stopped, dead in her tracks. "Um, hi!"

Otome looked over at her. "It is good to see you."

She blushed. "Really?"

"Yes." He leaned forward a little, and pointed to the pillow behind his back. "Could you fluff this up? It has gone flat."

"Anything for you," she spoke. You could almost see the cartoon effect of hearts in her eyes as she agreed. She walked over to Otome's bed and fluffed his pillow. He laid back onto it. "What else do you need?" She glanced down to his bandaged chest.

"My eyes are up here." She quickly looked back up. "That's better. Now, would you be able to massage my shoulders? I have such a crick in my neck. I would greatly appreciate it."

"Ehehehehehehehehehe..." She giggled, catching herself after a few seconds. She stopped. "I mean, of course!" She put her hands on his shoulders and started to massage him. He closed his eyes and leaned into it. As she hit the right spots, he softly moaned. She felt another giggle fit coming on, but stopped it before it escaped.

"You're quite good at that."

"Thanks!" She grinned. She thought to herself, -"I have a boyfriend now!"-

Otome slyly smirked.


Glarecide walked through the streets of Venture Capital's Abandoned Warehouse District, shooting energy beams at the dilapidated buildings. "Hey, heroes!" He shouted, taunting the Rangers. "Come out! Come out, wherever you are!"

"Looking for us?" Phoenix shouted as they ran toward him.

He turned around. "Well, well, well. Look who came crawling back. Ready for your destruction?"

"You're the one that's going to be destroyed!" Kaori shouted, pointing at the monster. She lowered her arm and looked at the others. "Right?"

"Right!" Everyone exclaimed in unison. They pulled out their Engine Chargers and inserted them into their Rail Morphers, transforming into their Ranger forms.

"Oh, please," Glarecide scoffed. "Like pretty costumes are going to save you. Take this!" He fired a blast at the Rangers, striking them and knocking them to the ground.

The Rangers slowly got back up. Once they got up, they dusted themselves off. Riley stepped forward. "You may have beaten us once before, but you won't beat us again!" He summoned his Wind Saber and charged toward the monster, leaping into the air and slashing through his midsection, causing him to spark. He landed, and then looked at his sword. "What? That's it?"

"Pathetic." Glarecide fired a sonic blast at Riley, knocking him a good distance behind the others, who turned and watched him land in a cloud of dust.

"Riley!" Chase screamed, running toward his fallen comrade.

Phoenix and Kaori turned back to face Glarecide. He looked toward her. "Guess it's up to us right now."

Kaori nodded. "Unleash the fire on him!"

He ran toward Glarecide, summoning his Flame Axe on the way. He stopped, halfway between Kaori and Glarecide. "Fire of the Phoenix!" He swung his axe toward the ground, sending a wave of fire toward the monster. He stepped out of the way, dodging the blast.

"You missed, loser!" Glarecide scoffed. "You couldn't hit the broad side of a barn!" Phoenix stood there and watched as his fire did a 180 and came back to strike him from behind, knocking him face-first into the ground.

"Maybe not, but I can hit the broad side of a monster!"


Brandon ran into Otome's room, and saw that Gabriela was still massaging Otome's shoulders. "Um... There's a monster attacking."

"We had best get to the battlefield," Otome spoke. "Thank you for the... Extended massage, Gabriela."

"My pleasure!"

He put his shirt back on and picked up his wrist-mounted morphing device, which was on the shelf. He attached it to his left forearm, and summoned the Power Orb from thin air, which appeared in his right hand. He looked at Gabriela. "You ready for a show?" She nodded. He posed for the transformation. "Otome Momoiro, Power Up!" He attached the Orb to his morpher and twisted it, causing a pocket dimension to form around him. In this dimension, his body glowed in an array of colors as beams of energy flew out of the Orb. As he rotated, the beams of energy enveloped his arms and legs, dissolving into gloves and boots, followed by a larger beam that enveloped his body, dissolving into the rest of his Ranger outfit. An image of the Virgo constellation appeared in front of him as he slowed down to a stop, backing into his face and forming the visor to his helmet. The rest of his helmet formed around his head, and the Virgo image from his Power Orb appeared on his chest. The pocket dimension closed, and he emerged as his Ranger form, posing as he landed. He turned his head toward Gabriela. "How was that?"

"I couldn't see anything!" She pouted.

"Oh, well." He shrugged. "Your turn."

"Whatever." She took out her Engine Charger and inserted it into her Rail Morpher. She lowered the gate mechanism on it. "TQG, Activate," she spoke, unenthusiastically. Instantly, she was transformed into the Yellow Ranger. "How was that?"


"Well, I'm sorry that I can't disappear into some pocket dimension and twirl around like I'm Sailor Moon."

"Would you stop?" Brandon asked.

"Sorry," Gabriela apologized.

"You two need to get to the battlefield, NOW." He held up a new Engine Charger. "Take this!"


A couple hundred feet away from Phoenix and Glarecide, Chase was kneeling on the ground, holding Riley in his arms. "Speak to me, mate!"

Riley, whose helmet had shattered in the crash landing, coughed. "I haven't felt this worked since that time when Doomwing attacked me..."

"Do you want to go back to HQ and rest up?"

He shook his head. "No, I'll be fine. You'd better go and help the others hold off Glarecide until Gabriela and Otome--"

-"You called?"- Gabriela and Otome ran onto the scene. They stopped by Chase and Riley and knelt down to get a closer look. "Oh, my gosh! What happened?"

"Riley tried to be the hero, as usual," Chase replied, smirking. "He's hard-headed like that."

Gabriela held up a rainbow-colored version of Riley's Engine Charger. "Brandon finished our secret weapon! Isn't it pretty?"

"Ooh..." Riley admired the sparkly Charger. "Will it work, though?"

"My weapon has been reconfigured to accept your power-up device," Otome explained. "It performed to expectations in your facility. It should work."

Riley coughed. "Go for it." Gabriela handed the Charger to Otome.

Glarecide stood back up. "Well, well, well. If it isn't Otome Momoiro! Guess you haven't learned your lesson from the first two times I've defeated you."

He stood up and walked toward the monster. Phoenix and Kaori ran back toward the rest of the team. "You know how the expression goes: Defeat me once, shame on you. Defeat me twice, shame on me."

"What about defeating you three times?"

"Guess we'll never know, will we?" Otome opened a new hatch on his staff, and inserted the Rainbow Charger. Instantly, the jewel on the crown illuminated, and the staff glowed in an array of colors. "Are you ready for this?"

"So, your little stick shines now. Big deal!"

"Spiral Heart Staff, Charge!" He raised his staff into the air, and the jewels on the crown started to flash. He lowered it slightly and began to twirl around, charging up his new attack. "Rainbow..."

"Like I'm scared of a little stick..."


"This oughtta be good," Gabriela spoke, watching the action unfold.


"You won't defeat me!"

"...Ache!" Otome assumed a defensive stance, holding the staff above his head. Hearts began to stream out in a ribbon of energy, accompanied by a very loud trumpeting sound. The hearts combined with each other to form a larger heart.

Riley looked at Gabriela. "Trumpets?"

She shrugged. "I like trumpets!"

"Trumpets?" Glarecide asked. "That's your secret weapon? Trumpets?" The wand emitted a rainbow-colored energy blast, which made its way toward Glarecide, freezing him in his tracks. "Mmmph, I can't moof anyfing!" The trumpet hearts stopped, and the giant energy heart flew toward Glarecide, shattering upon impact. He started to glow. He screamed in agony, falling backwards toward the ground. "This isn't over...!" He exploded into a fireball, which quickly dissipated into the air.

Otome stood up, lowering his staff. "I think it is." He removed his helmet and turned back toward the others. "Thank you for your help, my friends."

The Rangers walked toward him. "That was amazing," Riley said. "I can't believe that all of our powers combined did... THAT!"

"Would you like to have your device back?" Otome asked.

Chase shook his head. "Keep it, mate."

"You might need it again. What if dude over there comes back?" Phoenix asked.

"You have a point." He paused. "So... Where do we go from here?"

"We could go and get something to eat," Gabriela suggested. "I know this great Italian place. You'll love it!"

"But, I--"

Chase walked over to Otome and whispered in his ear, -"Just do it this once, then make up some story about something suddenly coming up. Then, you can split, and everything will be fine."-

Otome glanced at Chase, who subtly nodded. He focused back on Gabriela. "I am a little famished, but this doesn't mean that I'm your boyfriend."

She blushed. "Whaaaaaaaaaat? Who said anything about a boyfriend?" She looked around, trying to find something to distract the others.

"I can read minds," Otome explained. "I heard you, back when you were massaging my shoulders earlier."



She perked up. "But?"

"But... Who knows what might happen?" He asked.

"That's good enough for me!" She demorphed, and then ran toward Otome, grabbing onto his arm. "Let's go!" As she dragged him off, he looked back, demorphing into civilian clothes.

He turned his head back toward the others, and mouthed the phrase, "Help me!" The other Rangers laughed.

"I hope Otome knows what's in store for him," Phoenix commented.

"I just hope, for his sake, that he's got money. I think Gabriela's broke," Kaori added.

"He'd better know how to wash dishes," Chase and Riley said together. They looked at each other and laughed. "Jinx!"


"That monster wound up failing," Xityrant growled. "So much for a new second-in-command." He sighed. "Oh, well. Time to post to the Intergalactic Classifieds..."
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