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Power Rangers Ride The Rails
#08 - "Covfefe" (Originally Written In: 2017)

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Phoenix pulled into the gravel driveway of Dwayne's farm, put the car into park, and shut it off. "We're here!" He shouted.

Chase and Kaylee broke apart. She pulled out a compact and started to fix herself up. Meanwhile, Chase took a deep breath. "Whoa..."

Phoenix turned around. "It's about time you came up for air!"

Chase smirked. "It's all about breath control."

Phoenix shook his head and got out of the car. He closed the door and turned around, stunned to see the others standing there. "Gabriela! Kaori! Riley! What...? How...?"

"We teleported," Riley explained. "The monster's defeated, and the spell on Chase should be broken."

"Oh, it's been broken, but it wasn't from defeating the monster... At least, not THAT monster."

"Huh?" Riley asked. He looked over and saw Kaylee getting out of the car. "Ohh..."

-"Hoo doggies! You're here!"- Dwayne ran out of the house and toward the teens. "The missus made enough for fifteen people! Good thing, too, 'cause there are more of you than I remember seeing at the market..."

"Oh, sir, these are our friends," Riley spoke, introducing everyone. "This is Phoenix Bolton, star Quarterback of the Venture Capital football team. This is Gabriela Velasquez, boy-crazed high schooler and the one that keeps Phoenix in line. Lastly, this young lady is Kaori Yamada, a highly intelligent technological whiz. She's invented things that I never dreamed could exist!"

The three greeted Dwayne, who tipped his hat to them. "It's a pleasure to meet all of you! I hope y'all brought your appetites!"

"I've got quite the appetite, mate," said Chase.

"I'll bet you do," Phoenix commented.

"Well, c'mon in and meet the family!" Dwayne walked into the house, followed by the teens.


Outside the city, a monster that resembled a King from a deck of cards materialized. He raised his hands - one of which was holding a fan-like weapon that resembled a playing card hand - and shouted, "TOMB WALL!" The fan started to glow, as did a line on the ground. After a few seconds, a giant wall emerged from the ground and formed a section of a barricade. The monster teleported to another spot along the border of the city and repeated this action, eventually forming a barrier wall around the city. "Quite impressive, if I do say so myself," the monster commented upon completion of the wall. "Now, to spice things up, let's add a force field above it, so nothing can enter or escape! Tomb Wall, electrify!" He raised his hands again, and an ultrasonic barrier formed an invisible dome over the city. "Now, I'm going to go in there and make Venture Capital great again!" He laughed evilly and teleported into the city limits.


At TQGHQ, Kendrix was watching the news, when Kai ran in. "Kendrix, did you hear? There's a monster, and--"

"He's formed a barrier wall around the city," Kendrix interjected, turning around in her chair. She stood up. "Kai, this is like when Destruxo had that force field in the City Dome back on Terra Venture. If we don't get a hold of the Rangers, we could be in trouble."

"I'll try to get a hold of them right away," Kai said, running out of the room.

Kendrix turned back toward the TV screen. "What's your game, Xityrant?"


"As you'll note, my newest monster has constructed a barrier wall around the city, effectively trapping the citizens of Venture Capital like ants!" Nashira boasted about the victory. "It's a brilliant plan, is it not?"

"Even the greatest wall can be broken," Xityrant commented. "What makes you think that your wall is impenetrable?"

"Because... Because I said it was, that's why!" She growled. "In fact, I'll make a bet with you. If my wall is impenetrable, you owe me dinner at a fancy restaurant. I'm feeling in the mood for seafood, so how about the Lobster Shack over on Eschelon-12?"

"Done. If you lose - which, let's face it, you will - then you and your crew will leave my ship and never darken my side of the galaxy again. Deal?"

"You drive a hard bargain, Xityrant..." She mulled over the arrangement, then shook his hand. "Deal."


Dwayne walked into the kitchen, followed by the Ranger teens. "Millie, these are those nice boys from the market, and their friends!" He walked over to his wife, who appeared to be at least thirty years his junior. "Kids, this here's my lovely wife, Millie!"

The young woman, clad in a blue-and-white dress adorned with various designs, turned around. "Pleased to meet'cha!"

The guys' eyes widened, and Phoenix's jaw dropped. "THAT'S your wife?" Gabriela elbowed him in the side. "Ow! -- I mean, it's very nice to meet you, ma'am."

"If you don't mind my asking... Phoenix kind of alluded to this, but you look *very* young. How old are you?"

"I'm just a couple of years younger than Dwayne... Fifty-three!"

Gabriela's and Kaori's jaws dropped. "No way!"

"I know that country living keeps a person young, but you look *incredible,* ma'am," Riley commented.

"It's just good, clean livin', kids," Millie said. "Now, y'all had best get situated. Supper's almost ready!"

"C'mon, I want to introduce you to the rest of the family," Dwayne spoke, heading toward the living room.

The Ranger teens followed him, commenting to themselves about how amazing Millie looks for being fifty-three years old.


Kai ran back into Kendrix's office. "It's no use. The wall around the city is blocking our communication with the Rangers."

"Well, then, it looks like it's up to us to stand up to this menace." Kendrix turned around and removed her glasses. "You ready to get back to action?"

"My back's been acting up lately. I don't know..." She glared at him. He grinned. "I'm kidding! Let's get our Quasar Sabers and do this!"

She pressed a button on her intercom. "Brandon?"

-"Yes, ma'am?"-

"Kai and I are going into the battlefield to combat the monster. Keep trying to make contact with the Rangers. If we need backup, send it ASAP. Understood?"

-"Be careful out there!"-

"We will. Thanks!" She put her glasses back on. "Let's go!"


"This is my middle daughter, Rosalyn," Dwayne said, introducing the young woman. "She's named after her grandmother."

"Nice to meet ya!" Rosalyn said with an upswing to her voice. "Daddy rarely brings home guests for dinner!" She saw Phoenix's Letterman Jacket and ran over to him, grabbing his arm and embracing him. "Hey, gorgeous, do you play for the football team?"

"Um," Phoenix pried Rosalyn off of his arm, "I'm flattered, but I already have a girlfriend, and she can be *very* jealous."

"Oh, poo," Rosalyn said, pretending to pout. She looked over at Chase. "What about you, gorgeous?"

Kaylee stepped in front of him, putting her arms out as if she were guarding him. "Back off, honey! Chase is MINE."

"Ooh, pissy." She looked over at Riley. "I suppose you're taken, too?"

"As a matter of fact, I'm not, but you're not my type, anyway."

Rosalyn became defensive. "Excuse me? What's that supposed to mean? Look at me!" She waved her arms around her figure. "I'm the total package!"

"You also threw yourself at both of my friends, knowing full well that one of them has a girlfriend that's standing RIGHT OVER THERE. I don't go for girls that consider me to be the third choice."

Dwayne clapped. "I admire your morals, son. Ol' Rosey can be quite a handful."

"Thank you, sir," Riley replied.

"Say, Rosey, where are your sisters?" Dwayne asked.

"Shelly's in town at some... Thing. I don't know, and Lindy's staying at Becky's this weekend."

"Are either of them like you?" Kaori asked.

Rosalyn scoffed. "No, they're nothing like me."

"In that case... Aww, what a shame that they won't be joining us this evening!" She smirked.

"Okay!" Dwayne interjected, clapping his hands one time. "Why don't you kids come with me to see the rest of the farm? Rosey, you stay in here."

"Yeah, Dad, I've seen the animals before."

"And, you're gonna be seeing them a lot tonight if you don't drop the attitude. C'mon, kids." Dwayne led the Ranger teens out of the house and toward the barn out back.


In a familiar patch of jungle, we see the five Quasar Sabers sticking out of their resting place. We see two hands grab the Pink and Blue Sabers, instantly transforming them into their respective Ranger forms. The two Rangers quickly teleport back to the city, where they come face to face with the monster, who, by this time, has constructed an intricate maze of walls throughout the area.

"What?! Power Rangers?! Where did you come from?" The monster asked.

"Never mind where we came from," Kendrix replied. "Who are you, and where did YOU come from?"

"I am the mighty Covfefe, and I was sent down by the great and powerful Nashira!"

"Who's Nashira?" Kai asked.

"No clue, but this is serious." She turned her attention back toward the monster. "You'd better undo these walls, if you know what's good for you!"

"Oh, do you not like my walls? Maybe you just need a closer look!" Covfefe waved his fan up and down, creating a wind blast that struck Kendrix and sent her flying into one of his walls. She yelled as she flew back into it, falling to the ground after the impact.

"Kendrix!" Kai shouted, running toward her. He helped her up. "Are you alright?"

"I'll be fine. This guy's tough business. We'd better use the Transdaggers. You go first."

"Right!" Kai pulled out his Transdagger and formed it into his Cosma Claw. He ran toward Covfefe at a full charge, leaping into the air when he was within range. "Cosma Claw!" He slashed at the monster, causing him to spark and take a few steps back.

"Beta Bow!" Kai leapt out of the way as several energy beam arrows struck Covfefe, causing him to spark and fall backwards. She ran toward Kai. "Is he dead?"

"Not a chance, girly!" He jumped back up and landed on his feet. "It'll take more than that to stop the mighty Covfefe!"

Kai looked at Kendrix. "QL?" She nodded. He focused his attention back on the monster. "How about this?" The two Rangers did several backflips until they were at a safe distance from him.

"Am I supposed to be impressed by that?" Covfefe asked. "I'm not, you know!"

"Quasar Launchers!" Kai and Kendrix summoned their old bazooka-styled weapons and took aim at the monster.


"FIRE!" The two fired several large energy blasts at Covfefe, striking him and destroying him. Shortly thereafer, the walls that Covfefe had built in and around the city disappeared. They lowered their Launchers and high-fived each other. "We did it!"


"Think again!" Nashira was not pleased that her monster had lost. "Fire your beam thing and make him grow!"

"No. Our deal was that the monster would destroy the Rangers. It failed. You lost. You have to leave."

She growled. "Fine. Don't think you've seen the last of me, Xityrant! Oh, no!" She stormed out of the room.

Xityrant watched as her ship took off from the flight deck. He snickered. "Now that she's gone, I'll utilize her monster for my own purposes." He pressed a button, and the Satellaser beam flew down from his ship, striking Covfefe and causing him to grow.

Entoborg walked in. "I just heard the Satellaser fire. Are you using Nashira's monster, even though you said she lost the bet?"

"She did lose the bet, but that doesn't mean that I can't pick up the pieces." He turned toward him. "Do you have a problem with that?"

"Sir, no, sir!"



Dwayne was leading the Ranger teens toward the barn, when Riley's communicator went off. He tried to hide it, but Dwayne heard it. "What's that there noise?"

"It's just my... Watch alarm! Yeah, that's it..." Riley laughed nervously.

Dwayne noticed just what Riley's 'watch' resembled, and smiled. "I understand. You all had best get going. That there other engagement's much more important than our home cookin'."

"You're not upset that we're leaving?" Gabriela asked.

"I am, but only because you kids are much nicer than ol' Rosey in there. Why do you think my other daughters stay away as much as possible?"

"Well, I can stay," Kaylee said. "I don't have any prior engagements, and I think I can put ol' Rosey in her place."

"She can, sir," Chase added. "Kaylee her can be *quite* persuasive."

"I'll save you guys some leftovers. Now, you'd better get going!" She gave Chase a kiss on the cheek. "Do it for Momma."

"Oh, I'm gonna be sick," Phoenix said.

"Alright, guys, let's get going." Riley turned toward Dwayne. "It was a pleasure to meet you and your family, and I hope that we can actually do this again someday. Bye!" Riley and the others waved, and then ran off toward the front of the house. Kaylee stood next to Dwayne.

"You know that they're the Power Rangers, right?" Dwayne asked. Kaylee looked at him, her eyes widened and her jaw dropped.


"Riley here."

-"Thank goodness I finally got a hold of you! There's been a monster attacking the city. Kendrix and Kai were able to hold him off in his small form, but he's grown, and we need you five to fight him in the Rail Riders!"-

"We're on it." Riley looked at the others. "Ready, guys?" They nodded.

"TQG, Activate!"


"I'm the greatest monster of all time!" The now-giant Covfefe exclaimed. He looked down at the two Galaxy Rangers. "There's no way that you two pipsqueaks can stop me now!"

-"No, but we can!"-

"Phoenix?" Kendrix and Kai looked up and saw the Rail Rider Megazord walking onto the scene.

"A bunch of trains slapped together like building blocks can't stop the almighty Covfefe! Take this!" He waved his fan at the Megazord.


"Batten down the hatches, guys," Riley commanded. Phoenix and Chase both pressed a series of buttons, anchoring the Megazord to the ground.


"What?!" Covfefe stopped and looked at his fan. "Why didn't that work?"


"Can't we just slash this guy and go home?" Gabriela asked.

"Why? Do you have a ~date~ with Otome?" Kaori teased.

"As a matter of fact, I do!"

"...Oh. Never mind, then."

"Ladies! Can we please focus?"

"Sorry, Riley."

"Okay, then. Now, let's do what Gabriela said and finish this clown off once and for all."

"Rail Rider Megazord, Saber Slash!" The team exclaimed.


The Megazord summoned its sword, which appeared in its hand. It took focus on Covfefe, locking on with a red flash of its eyes to confirm.

"Wh-wh-what are you doing?" Covfefe backed up.

The Megazord charged up the sword for the attack. When it finished charging, the Megazord flew down the road toward Covfefe, slashing through him as it flew past. It stopped behind him and turned around.

Covfefe exploded in several places, collapsing to the ground. "I never got to make anything great again...!" With those last words, he exploded.

Kendrix and Kai cheered. "Go, Rangers!"


Up on the ship, Xityrant wasn't impressed. "Well, another one bites the dust."

"Those Rangers are pretty ingenious, your highness," Entoborg commented. "How are you going to finally defeat them?"

"Hm..." Xityrant sat on his throne and thought about it. After a couple of minutes, he snapped his fingers. "I've got it!"

"You do, sir?"

"Yes!" Xityrant turned his throne around. "I've got to work *smarter*, not *harder*. I've got to beat those Rangers at their own game."

"How do you plan on doing that?"

"You'll see..."


Riley and the other Rangers ran up to where Kendrix and Kai were standing. They removed their helmets. "What is this?" Riley asked.

Kendrix and Kai removed their helmets, as well. "We were part of the Galaxy Rangers team many years ago," Kendrix explained. "Kai, myself, and our friends defended the Terra Venture Space Colony from the evil Scorpius and Trakeena."

"I remember reading about that in school," Riley commented.

"Me, too," Chase added, "but none of us ever knew where it ended up."

"It ended up right here on the planet Mirinoi," Kaori spoke. "Phoenix, Gabi, and myself are first-generation Venture Capitalists!"

"I still don't like that name," Gabriela commented. "The whole 'Capitalist' part does have that negative connotation to it from the old days on Earth."

"But, Gabi, we're on a new planet now. We can be the generation that makes being a Capitalist a good thing!"

"Can you two please stop saying 'Capitalist'?" Phoenix asked.

"I still can't believe it," Chase said, turning the conversation back toward Kendrix and Kai. "You two are still Rangers, and you're leading this renegade batch of misfits as your own Ranger team. It's incredible!"

"Oh, no," Kai interjected. "We only transformed because this was a dire emergency. In fact, Kendrix and I are about to go and --"

At that moment, a bright flash of light blinded everyone. The single bright flash was followed by several smaller, more colorful ones. The Rangers all shielded their eyes in order to protect their vision. After several seconds, the flashing stopped, and a blonde-haired sorceress in a multicolored dress stood before them, holding a crystal ball.

The guys all rubbed their eyes. "HELLO, NURSE!" They shouted in unison.

"Boys..." The girls scoffed, also in unison.

"The time of the... Gerbil... Draws nigh," the sorceress spoke, her voice having an echo effect to it.

Everyone looked at each other, confused, then back to the sorceress. "What does that mean?" Riley asked.

"I must be going now. Farewell!" She teleported away, leaving in a similar series of multicolored flashes.

"Oh, not again..." Everyone covered their eyes.

Once she was gone, Riley looked around. "Does anyone see any gerbils running around?"

"No, not really, mate," Chase replied.

"Wonder what that was about," Kendrix mused.

"Well, there *is* that one urban legend..." Gabriela shook her head. "Nah, it couldn't be. Well... No! ... Well..."

Everyone looked at her. "Well?!"

"Alright, I'll tell you! See, once upon a time..."


-"PREPARE THE SHIP TO LEAVE THE ORBIT OF MIRINOI!"- Xityrant's voice boomed over the ship's loudspeakers. The Spectres began to make preparations for the ship's engines to fire up, and secured anything that was loose to prevent it from becoming damaged.

Up on the bridge, Entoborg was still confused. "What *exactly* is your plan, anyway?"

"If I told you, then it would fail."

"I suppose you have a point."

"Now, we're going on a mission, and we're going to return with the greatest counter-Ranger measure of all time. Basically, you just need to stand there and look pretty."

"I can do that!"

Xityrant shook his head. He pressed a series of buttons, and his voice boomed over the ship's speakers once more. "SHIP WILL LEAVE ORBIT IN T-MINUS FIVE MINUTES!"


To Be Continued...!
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