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Power Rangers Ride The Rails | Series One
Power Rangers Ride The Rails
01 A Beginning In One Part
Synopsis: Welcome to Venture Capital! The Terra-Quasar Group is looking for recruits for Codename: RANGER, and three candidates are chosen from hundreds of applicants.

02 All Aboard!, part 1
Synopsis: Xityrant's forces launch their first attack on the city of Venture Capital, just as two travelers from Earth inadvertently wind up landing in the city.

03 All Aboard!, part 2
Synopsis: The two Earth travelers wake up at TQGHQ, where they meet the staff of TQG. Later, the team is formed, and they are sent into combat when Pickpocket returns.

04 Learning Together
Synopsis: Phoenix is bummed that he wasn't selected to be the Red Ranger, instead being given the powers of the Green Ranger. Xityrant picks up on this dissention, and sends down the Dumpster monster to take advantage of the situation.

05 Girls Meet Bubbles
Synopsis: With the guys captured by the Dumpster monster, it's up to the ladies to step up and defeat another of Xityrant's monsters. Is Girl Power enough to protect the city?

06 Like A Virgin
Synopsis: Glarecide defeats the powerful Otome Momoiro in battle, and sets his sights on Venture Capital, where he bumps into the Rangers! Can Otome reach Venture Capital in time to help our heroes before it's too late?

07 New Kids on the Block
Synopsis: Riley and Chase meet local farmer Dwayne McCafferty at the Farmers' Market, and the gang gets invited to his farm for a down-home country dinner! Meanwhile, a new villainous threat makes her debut on Xityrant's ship with a plan to finally destroy the Rangers.

08 Covfefe
Synopsis: The Ranger teens make their way to the McCafferty Farm for that down-home country dinner, but Nashira has other plans for Venture Capital. sending down a monster named Covfefe to surround it with an impenetrable wall! (Random power name randomly generated by Seventh Sanctum!)

09 Scary Daze New!
Synopsis: The gang learns of the tale of Admiral Mason Dickson, and a creepy gerbil monster shows up in town. Didn't a sorceress warn us about a gerbil monster? Coincidence?