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Power Rangers Beastmaster Legends V5: The Movie
Just what is "V5," and what happened to the other Rangers?
Rated PG - Parental Guidance Suggested

V5 is a new adventure in the world of Beastmaster Legends. Set in the future (A.C. 101, or 101 years after the colonization of Mirinoi - roughly, 2103 in correlation to our view of Terra Venture's voyage from Earth to Mirinoi), this tale tells the story of a group of vigilante warriors that has taken it upon themselves to take back the overnight hours from the crime syndicates that are plaguing the city and restore peace to the streets.

By this point, the original Rangers from Beastmaster Legends would be around 110-115 years old, since this is 94 years after their adventures. Although they defeated the Constellation Kingdom, their story isn't over. Who knows? Maybe they'll show up in this world someday...?

I hope that you enjoy this rather uncharacteristic look at a world that is plagued by political corruption to the point where it's unsafe to be out at night. If it proves to be popular, more stories might be coming.

A word of caution... Being that this is a rather unconventional Power Rangers story, there are a few instances of foul language. It's done very appropriately - it's not every 5th word or anything like that... I think there are four total occurrences of language in the entire thing - but younger viewers should be advised that there is a language warning. Oh, and there's some violence. Yep, we're going to stick with the "PG" rating.
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