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Dominion Falls - City History
Welcome to Dominion Falls!

Dominion Falls

The planet Mirinoi was new to being colonized. A relatively small group of Earthlings founded the shining city of Reflection Bay, using the central dome of their Terra Venture space colony as a foundation. Nearby, a second city was formed - the city of Victory Ridge - using a portion of the same central dome as a foundation. The two sister cities lived in harmony with each other for years. Eventually becoming overcrowded, people started to branch out and build other cities, but remaining in the same styles of Reflection Bay and Victory Ridge.

One city, however, would soon fall to corrupt forces.

A businessman, by the name of Randolph Sinclair, established the city of Sinclair Springs, in the year AC25 (AC = after colonization). As time progressed, this city grew into a bustling metropolis, with a skyline that was filled with tall skyscrapers. Over the years, the mayoral rights of the city had been passed down through the Sinclair family. In the year AC77, Randy Sinclair III, the third generation of the Sinclair children, was talked into having an election by a crooked man named George Dominion. Randy, being a noble businessman, agreed to the election, knowing that the people loved his family, so he'd naturally win.

As luck would have it, he wound up losing. Dominion's business partners made a solid investment in bribing the townspeople at the polls. In exchange for voting for Dominion, each person received ?500. As such, Dominion won in a landslide victory. Dominion's first act after taking power was to repeal Sinclair's environmental policies, and to rename the city Dominion Falls. With no more environmental policies in place, the city's air quality sank to new lows, which caused people to have to adapt to their new environment.

In a revolt by the townspeople, Dominion was assassinated in AC83 while giving a speech, dedicating his new office tower complex. His young son, Dominic, was thrust into power at the tender age of 13. As he was a minor, the actual responsibility fell on his late father's mistress, then-21-year-old Sonya Summers. When Dominic turned 18, he was to be given control of the city, but Sonya saw to it that she retained the absolute power by becoming involved with Dominic in a relationship. When Dominic turned 21, he threw Sonya out of both her job and his life, assuming complete control of the city. He saw to it that Sonya, now 29, was imprisoned forever in the sub-basement of the office tower. When her sister, Jacqueline, showed up to plead for Sonya's release, Dominic asked her if she would like to be showered with all the riches that he had to offer. She agreed, and, after signing a prenuptial agreement, the two were married in AC91.

With Jacqueline in his life, Dominic's priorites soon shifted. He soon focused his priorities on his own desires, leaving the affairs of the city to fall on his overworked and barely-paid staff. As the city's resources were dwindling down, gangs started to form, and the city's streets soon became unsafe at night, forcing a curfew to be established. When the sun went down, you had best be inside.

Now, ten years after Dominic's marriage, the city is a cesspool of crime. There are small bands of vigilante fighters that try to stop the gang violence, but their efforts are futile, as the gangs are now large in number. Who, out there, can stand up to the gangs, take down Dominic, and return Dominion Falls back to the peaceful city that it once was?

Dominion Falls - City Leaders
Dominic Dominion Dominic Dominion
Jacqueline Summers Jacqueline Summers
Dominion Falls - News Anchors
Roseanne Barr Roseanne Barr
Neil Patrick Harris Neil Patrick Harris
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