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Crime Syndicates - Fallen Gangs
Scorpion Cartel
The Scorpion Cartel was founded in the year AC81, and was among the oldest of the cartels in Dominion Falls. It also started the trend of naming your gang organizations after Mortal Kombat ninja characters. Helmed by a man that went solely by the name 'Quasar,' the Scorpion Cartel's members lured the members of V4 into a trap, bringing harm to the Blue Ranger. As a result, his brother, Brandyn, was brought into the ranks. He brought a swift end to the cartel's foothold on the Northwest Corridor of the city, which has since been claimed as part of the Helicats' territory.
Ermac Cartel
Founded as a 'brother' cartel to the Scorpions, the Ermac Cartel had a foothold on the Northern border of the city, meaning nothing could come into or get out of the city after curfew. The Ermac Cartel was headed by a woman named Katira Bustamante. Her wanton disregard for human life is what resulted in the original V4 Pink Ranger being severely injured when V4 tried to storm their headquarters. Maya, the daughter of the Pink Ranger, was given the weapon by her mother, and vowed vengeance on Katira and the Ermacs. Justice was quickly served, and the Northern border has since become the domain of V5, who have established a small outpost at the border.
Noob Saibot
Noob Saibot Organization
This syndicate, formed in AC85, operates only during the very late hours of the night, and works in complete darkness. Their stealth nature makes them extremely difficult to track. One novice member made the mistake of going into a lit area, and was captured. He was interrogated until he disclosed where one of the NSO's bases of operations was, which V4 infiltrated. They caught on to the intruder and captured him, holding him as THEIR prisoner until V4 surrendered their missing member. His kids snuck into the base and rescued him, allowing the remaining members of V4 to storm the base and take that branch down. Since then, the NSO has been very quiet, being relegated to the far Southeastern corner of the city.
Crime Syndicates - Other Gangs
Adonis of the Helicats
This syndicate, as stated above, took over some of the territory left vacant by the downfall of the Scorpion Cartel. Headed by a young man codenamed 'Adonis,' the Helicats come into the view of V5 when a bounty is issued by the Dominion Mafia for the capture/return of Downtown after he goes awol. Adonis's gang is usually quiet, but an unusual congregation of their members alerts V5 to their goings-on.
The Reptile Mob
This relatively-quiet syndicate, founded in AC91, mostly keeps to themselves and doesn't do too much to alert V5 to their goings-on. Their territory is along the Southern corridor of the city, using an abandoned subway station as their headquarters. The Reptile Mob is helmed by a young man that goes by the codename 'Lizard.'
A newer organization, the Smokers have taken refuge in, ironically enough, an old cigarette factory in downtown Dominion Falls. This organization was founded in AC.95 by some former members of the Scorpion and Ermac Cartels. While they have a small grudge toward V5 for what they did to their respective organizations, they know to not do anything to alert them to their goings-on. Their territory is the West side of the Downtown area.
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