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V5 Rangers
Maya Kuramoto / Pink
Maya Kuramoto - V5 Pink Ranger
Maya is the senior member of the second generation of V5 Rangers, having inherited the weapon from her mother after an encounter with the Ermac Cartel. As the senior member, she exerts some authority over the others, and takes matters into her own hands to protect Ricky Acevedo when the Dominion Mafia surfaces at his house.
Brandyn Waterford / Blue
Brandyn Waterford - V5 Blue Ranger
Brandyn came into the world of V5 when his older brother, Eryk, was injured during an encounter with the Scorpion Cartel. When he was presented with the weapon, Maya took him under her wing and trained him in the ways of the 'new' V5. While there was some early dissention between Brandyn and the other members of V5, they soon welcomed him into the group when he proved his worth by single-handedly capturing the man responsible for injuring his brother and taking down the Scorpion Cartel.
Kenneth Clearwater / Black
Kenneth Clearwater - V5 Black Ranger
When members of the Noob Saibot Organization started to act up, Kenneth's father - the original V4 Black Ranger - went deep undercover and infiltrated their ranks, only to eventually be captured and held hostage at their headquarters. Brandyn alerted Kenneth to this news, and he wanted to do whatever it took to help. During the training, Kenneth wasn't exactly favored as a future member of V4, so he was sent away, with the intent that the remaining members of V4 would go in on their own. Kenneth told his sister, Kimberly, about what was going on. She forced him into going to their headquarters. They turned into heroes, saving their father from the Organization. Having proven his worth, Kenneth was granted the weapon by his father, who also had the V4 R&D team create a new power base for his daughter. Thus, the Yellow Ranger was born, and the organization was changed to "V5."
Kimberly Clearwater / Yellow
Kimberly Clearwater - V5 Yellow Ranger
Kimberly was responsible for coming up with the plan that she and her brother, Kenneth, implemented to rescue their father. Using tricks that they learned by playing the old "Metal Gear" game for the Nintendo Entertainment System (by way of ROMs and emulators, that is), she led the way into the NSO's headquarters. Together, they rescued their father before V4 stormed in and took the Organization down. Later, she and her brother were granted the weapon, and they became the newest members of the V5 organization.
Ricky Acevedo / Red
Enrique "Ricky" Acevedo - V5 Red Ranger (2)
Ricky was brought up in a poor part of town by his father, Leo, who worked his butt off to support them after his mother had passed away. One night, Ricky warned his dad to not go out after curfew, but he didn't listen. As time passed, Ricky wondered if anything had happened to his father. He received a call that his dad was at the hospital, but was ambushed by Shawty (of the Dominion Mafia) at his own house. A whirlwind of events would lead him to discover that his dad was the V5 Red Ranger, and that an assault would land the weapon into his hands.
Jackson Pollack Turner, III / Green
Jackson Pollack Turner, III / V5 Green Ranger
Growing up on the streets, Jackson was always someone who would follow with anybody that would take him in. He fell into the Dominion Mafia in his early teens, taking on the codename 'Jackal' and buddying up with his mentor, 'Downtown.' (If you think back to the original Bulk & Skull from the MMPR days, Jackal was the Skull to Downtown's Bulk.) When the two were on the run from V5 after a failed attempt at infiltrating the hospital, Jackal was arrested and taken into custody. He had a realization that the gang life was no longer for him, and wanted a change...
V5 Allies
Leo Acevedo
Leo Acevedo - V5 Red Ranger (1)
Leo is the last remaining member of the original guard of the V5 organization. He is respected by Maya and the others, but is very hardheaded. He gets injured one night when he encounters the Dominion Mafia. By transforming in front of them, he revealed his identity, resulting in a crackdown on both him and his son, Ricky. Ricky was taken into protective custody by Maya and the V5 organization, where he was quickly introduced to the world of V5. Leo wants Ricky to follow in his footsteps, but is he ready?
Charlie runs the Surveillance Room, which controls the cameras that are strategically positioned all over Dominion Falls. He is able to remotely control them, and zoom in/out without anybody knowing.
Sinclair Sentinel Recruits
Jackson meets her while he's walking the halls of the V5 Headquarters looking for the cafeteria. She's a bit of a mean girl, and has a rather nasty reputation among the other recruits. It's unknown how Karen (the 'Resident Advisor' for the new recruits) feels about her.
He overhears Jackson's and Wendy's encounter from his room, and gets Jackson's attention as he walks past. He introduces him to the world of the Sinclair Sentinel recruits, and is amazed to meet Jackson. He has aspirations of becoming a member of the V5 team.
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