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''Boyband: The Musical'' Information


(Information courtesy of Ricochet Working Productions Press Materials.)


The premiere season of BOYBAND, a new Australian comedy with original pop music, was produced by ricochet working productions inc from May 11-21, 2005 at Sydney’s Seymour Centre. This first season was a critical and commercial success, and ricochet is now looking for opportunities to take BOYBAND to a broader audience.

The Show:

BOYBAND explores the 90's pop music phenomenon through the fortunes of four boys - Tommy, Jordan, Mark & Corey - who are moulded into fictional boyband 4ORCE. The show takes a musical journey through the 90s as the boys sing their way to the top - and all the way down again! A 90 minute one act work, BOYBAND consists of book scenes and concert excerpts tracing the growth of 4ORCE - and the boyband phenomenon - through the 90s. The concert scenes feature original, catchy comic songs (performed live to track) that parody the pop style, and choreography by William Forsythe (Kylie Minogue, Sydney Olympics) which laughs at all his best moves.
Although high production values are a must for a show of this type, BOYBAND has been designed to achieve them at low cost. A minimal set, relatively simple lighting requirements (including the option of working without 'intelligent' lighting), and existing costume stock can be utilised to produce BOYBAND with a relatively low production investment.

The Company:

BOYBAND was brought to fruition by a talented team of experienced professionals led by Director Jason Langley (Windows, Aurora, Chair in the Landscape), Musical Director Michael Huxley (Debbie Does Dallas, Only Heaven Knows) and Choreographer William Forsythe (Kylie Minogue, Sydney Olympics).

Critical Response and Publicity:

BOYBAND attracted a range of editorial and reviews featuring in publications including:
• The Sydney Morning Herald
• The Sun Herald
• The Sunday Telegraph
• The Brag
• Drum Media
• Sydney Star Observer
• SX
• Sydney City Hub
• The Glebe
• The Hills Times


Sydney Morning Herald
"with a cleverly satirical score by Andrew Worboys, and William Forsythe’s choreography delightfully mocking its own clichés, Boyband has commercial potential..."

The Brag
"an hilarious satirical behind-the-scenes portrayal of a manufactured pop group...with...hysterical executions of a smorgasbord of pop clichés..."
"a highly entertaining and cheeky look at fame...savvy and well-paced..."

Broadway Australia
"This show’s definitely got something..."

"a take-off of the boy bands of the parodies these beautifully, without ever losing track of the storyline and flow of the piece..."

The Cast:

The Boys of 4ORCE
Nathan Carter - Tommy
Nicholas Beech - Jordan
Andrew Threlfall - Mark
Richard Brancatisano - Corey

Danielle Barnes - Toni / Diva
James Millar - Richard / JP / Drag Queen
Celeste Barber - Candy / Catriona Bishop-Wilkins / Fan

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