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Contact Information

Updated! 26 Nov 2006

If you would like to write to Richard, here is the address to send your letters:

Richard Brancatisano
c/o Mark Byrne Management
1/2 Cooper Street
Double Bay
NSW 2028

Postage to send your letter via Air Mail to New Zealand (if you include a self-addressed envelope for return correspondence) should be in the neighborhood of $1.80. (That's how much my letter cost to send: 1 8"x11" typed letter and 1 9"x12" envelope, inside a 10"x13" envelope.) That figure's just a guideline to estimate your postage; Your actual cost might be more or less than my figure.

Bear in mind that Richard is extremely busy with his performances, so allow some time for a response to make its way back to you. Remember, your letter is traveling all the way to New Zealand, so it will take a while to get there, and to get back to you.

Good luck!