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''Power Rangers Mystic Force'' Information

Power Rangers Mystic Force
Richard Brancatisano as Xander, Green Mystic Ranger

Xander BlyXander is an Australian who now lives in the United States. During his earliest days in the States, he was bullied mercilessly about his Australian accent and was often ostracized. Consequently, he understands and sympathizes with loners. He is an adept skateboarder and enjoys showing off when he rides. Xander, dubbed as 'Mr. Personality' by his friend and team-mate Nick Russell, is very much a flirt and will use his charming smile to his advantage every chance he gets; when faced with trouble, he will employ what he calls "Plan Xander," which is nothing more than trying to sweet talk his way out of the situation. Unfortunately for him, "Plan Xander" has been unsuccessful against Necrolai and other minions of Morticon.

Xander works alongside his fellow Rangers at the Rock-Porium, where he prefers to assign tasks to his co-workers, rather than to actually work himself; he refers to this as "supervising." He briefly clashed with Daggeron when the latter became the Rangers' mentor, seemingly out of the blue. Xander's overconfidence and inflated ego have gotten him into danger on several occasions, but his willingness in owning up to his mistakes has earned him several spell codes. After the final battle against the Master, he was promoted to manager of the Rock-Porium.

As the Green Mystic Ranger, Xander wields the power of the earth and can call upon the Mystic Muscles, magically bulking up his muscles to gigantic proportions. His weapon is the Magi Staff Axe. He was the first Mystic Force Ranger to use the Mystic Force Fighters spell code and also owns a Mystic Racer. Xander's Titan form is the Mystic Minotaur, which makes up the bulk of the Mystic Dragon and Titan Megazord formations. As the Green Legend Warrior, Xander gains the Mystic Lion Staff which allows him to cast the Rock Slide spell and allows him to join with Vida, Madison, and Chip to become the Mystic Lion.

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