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''Vin'' Information


(Information courtesy of Jigsaw Theatre Company.)

Vin is the hard-edged story of two adolescent boys facing an uncertain future. They live in a tough area, with tough families. As they look to their future they want ‘the life’, but prospects don’t look good. Then Vincent enters their lives. He’s confident and seems to have it all. With a promise of ‘the life’, Vin convinces the two boys to enter into an illegal plan to make money; to grow a drug crop in the back shed.

But Vin brings more to the boys’ lives than a plan. He is a catalyst for change in their friendship, bringing each to reveal their innermost secrets and assert who they are.

Vin is about young men’s expectations of themselves and each other, and the tensions that exist in their lives as they juggle their independence, identity, sexuality and friendships.

The language of Stephen House is both poetic and brutal, giving a sense of hard lives in hard places. He explores the concepts of masculinity and sexuality frankly and without apology or judgement.

The production features a video design and a live-mixed music score.

Commissioned by Jigsaw and staged as a work in progress in 2003, Vin has just been awarded the AWGIE for Best Australian Play for Young People.

Vin - Richard Brancatisano
Joey - Nicholas Beech
Podge - Simon McLachlan

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