Sailor Moon Stupid
What is "Sailor Moon Stupid"?
Sailor Moon Stupid is the hugely popular radio-play parody of the Japanese anime series, "Bishuojo Senshi Sailormoon," seen in America under the title "Sailor Moon." Laura Vasilion and her crew put this four-part parody together based on the original scripts created by Kevin Bruner.
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Sailor Moon
"Whee! It's back! I love you so much!"

Sailor MoonLaura Vasilion's popular Sailor Moon radio-play style parody returns to the internet! Project KSX is proud to be the new (though unofficial) home of Sailor Moon Stupid! Listen and follow along with Sailor Moon and the gang as they fight the evil of the Three Bills: Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and Bill Bandai!

A couple of opening notes:
- Due to the nature of some of the humor and language in these, younger visitors should refrain from downloading and listening to these audio files. Numerous references to drugs, hell, and "Pulp Fiction" are in these, so those who are of the faint of heart shouldn't download these.
- These are based on the original Japanese version of the cartoon, which explains some of the character names, and the parodies of how DiC treated the earlier episodes. None the less, a knowledge of the original Sailor Moon cartoon is not required to enjoy these.

Now that I've killed the mood, enjoy!

Sailor Moon
"Hey, wait. Maybe I should reconsider..."

Proud Supporter Of Sailor Moon Universe!

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Sailor Moon Stupid