Dino Supercharge is HERE!

Dino SuperchargeDon't miss episodes of the new "Power Rangers Dino Supercharge," airing on Saturdays at 12:00pm Eastern on Nickelodeon, and reruns throughout the week on both Nickelodeon and the Nicktoons Network! Check your local listings for times in your area. With a participating provider, you can also stream episodes on the Nickelodeon website, www.nick.com!

"Business Unusual," presented by Renaissance Hotels and Substance Over Hype!

Business UnusualYoshi is starring in this new short film, presented by the Renaissance Hotel chain and Substance Over Media! "...Business Unusual encourages travelers of all kinds to step back from the technology-laden bustle of life to discover a new perspective on the world and themselves." Check out the film!

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"Erebus," starring Yoshi and Lindsey McKeon!

ErebusYoshi is starring in this new short film, produced by BiG Machine! "The core story is one of a person trying to find himself and find his place in the world. Who am I? What is my destiny? How do I fit in? With a dash of dealing with love for the first time..." Check it out below!

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Yoshi's Official Street Team, the #YoshiArmy

Yoshi Army logoYoshi has started an official street team of his own, dubbed the #YoshiArmy, to help promote him outside of the show, at conventions, expos, and other public appearances. If you want to help promote Yoshi on social media and everywhere else, check out the Facebook group by clicking below!

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Force Storm Entertainment presents: "The Betrayal"

Yoshi from the film, photo by Tony ChuYoshi has a starring role in the online short film, "The Betrayal," which is heavily inspired by the "Star Wars" franchise. To watch the short, click on the button below! Enjoy!

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Yoshi's Biography

Sudarso, who is of Chinese descent, was born in Indonesia and moved to the United States at the age of nine. He and his brother, Peter Adrian, are primarily known on social media and YouTube. His beginnings in the entertainment industry began with small modeling jobs, a bit of acting and a lot of stunt work. Now, he’s taking bigger steps towards making a name for himself...

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Streaming Video

We're going to go back to YouTube hosting for our video clips, to help alleviate the strain on our servers. Click on "Dino Charge Clips" above to see our revamped video clip section!

About Kodapendents

What started out as an idea to utilize the Tumblr platform as a means of doing a fansite has morphed (no pun intended) back into an actual fansite. A dying art in the 'Ranger Nation,' Kodapendents is striving to maintain an old-school approach to building fansites for cast members on Power Rangers. I started doing this on Tumblr, but, while Tumblr's themes are beautiful, the interface is rather inhibitive when you have a large amount of media to upload. After some careful consideration, here we are!

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