About the Website

You might be asking yourself, "Self, why did I click on this link? There's probably nothing of importance here." Odds are, you're probably right. However, I thought you should know how Kodapendents came to exist, and why it's now focused on being an actual fansite, as opposed to strictly a Tumblr blog.

When the cast of Dino Charge was revealed at PMC in 2014, I started to watch some of the things that the new cast had done in the past. You know, the usual rapid-fire quick Google searching, thanks to modern-day high-speed internet. I found out some neat things about Yoshi (he was Robo Knight's suit actor, according to one Tumblr post that I came across in my travels), and I didn't necessarily want to do an actual fansite. Having been successful with Tumblr blogs for the past couple of years (Andrew Gray Fans and Cameron Jebo Fans), I thought that I'd put together another Tumblr blog. Before I actually put the Tumblr together, I came up with the term 'Kodapendents,' playing on the name of Yoshi's character. I liked it, so I ran with it. The Twitter account was made. The Tumblr page was made. I was armed with a bunch of pictures to post. I was ready to roll. I'd planned for a February 1 launch, with pictures queue'd up until the 14th, which was the date that a lot of us thought DC was going to premiere. When the actual date of the 7th came out, I backed up the queue one week and launched it on the 25th of January instead.

After the premiere, I wanted to upload screen grabs and video. I purchased a brand new HD video capture device. I was ready to go. However, I soon realized what a grueling task it was to upload multiple photos to Tumblr, especially with the new 'Lookbook' theme that I'd installed on the page. Yes, it looks awesome, but it's not designed for multiple pictures in one post. After the second week, I changed up the uploading format and started posting photos separately. The first week, there was a nice convo on the Kodapendents Twitter page that was just glee over hourly photos of Koda being posted. Week 3 wasn't very Koda-heavy, so I didn't have a lot to upload. However, week 4 was "Return of the Caveman," which was basically 20 minutes straight of Koda. After having to type up seventy-five posts in one day (I think I'd finished typing up the last one at, like, 8:30 or so for a 12:40am posting time), I needed a change. Enter: John Green posing a question on Twitter, asking if any modern-day PR sites are actually HTML, or if they - to paraphrase - regurgitate a Wordpress or Blogger layout. I mentioned a site that I run (but haven't really updated in a while, because things have been quiet), Alex Heartman Source, and I got to thinking: I'm more comfortable in an HTML environment than I am on Tumblr. So, I mulled over the idea of transforming Kodapendents into a fansite, but I wasn't going to really set out to do it until after the Summer hiatus for Dino Charge, planning for a September launch. After an incident on Tumblr, I decided to take a break from the blog and focus on the construction of the site, with plans for an April 1st launch.

That brings us to now. As of the time of this writing, I don't have plans to abandon the Tumblr page, but the bulk of the content is definitely going to be posted to this site first, and Tumblr second. I'm definitely going to keep up the weekly '#KodaSocial' Friday afternoon posts, because it's when I get to do a post in the vein of the old VH1 "Best Week Ever" series (sorry, but I'm not delving into "Panties On/Panties Off" territory - that'd be creepy). Who's having the Best Week Ever? I'll let you know on Fridays at 6pm Eastern!

Lastly, this site is not very mobile-friendly. Kodapendents looks the best on an actual desktop or laptop computer. (Maybe tablets, too, but I don't think they can handle the formatting.) I hope that you enjoy your visit here. If you like the site, spread the word about it!

Thank you for visiting!